Deceased 'Supernatural Addiction' review

'Supernatural Addiction'
(Hells Headbangers) 

I reviewed this album for Canadian Assault, the first time was back when it was released in 2000, now some twelve years later it gets it’s re-release through the cult label Hells Headbangers. Actually that brings back a memory, as I got the promo for the original release one day, listen to it, then go to the NJ Metalfest the next day and I end up hanging out with King Fowley himself briefly and letting him know I loved it. This album really featured the death metal kings Deceased feeling and sewing their heavy metal oats, which is where they came from. If you know much about these guys they were just as into heavy metal back in the 80s when this band formed as they were into thrash and death metal. They could have went either way, but chose to form a death metal band, what I am saying is this was no retro jump because it was cool at the time, these guys had lived it for decades. As for the music as I said this is a heavy metal record, not a death metal record, though you can kind of tell it is a death band at times playing it. But they do it so well, so fucking smoothly and write such catchy riffs and harmonies, that it blow your hair back. King Fowley’s vocals are great as ever, he is a talented drummer, but he really showcases his vocal talents on this album, sure you have a slight base of his gruff growl, but he conveys such emotive range on here, that I am just hypnotized and haunted by his vocals. The lyrical content on here sort of reflects the bands music choice, they reach back into classic metal for this album and the lyrics similarly reach back into classic horror of it’s early days, you know Poe, Lovecraft and that sort of old school horror story telling. If you made the mistake of missing this the first time around, you have received a second chance in this life to correct your mistake.
(Dale Roy)


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