Dawn Of Winter 'The Skull Of The Sorcerer' review

'The Skull Of The Sorcerer'
(Cyclone Empire)

Remember the tail end of the '90s? Remember that time when "true" power / heavy metal (Nuclear Blast / Massacre Records - style) was in vogue and millions of bands wished they were Hammerfall? Yup, grim and dreadful days those, unless you were born and bred moustacheoid and / or German and the first ever words to fall out of your mouth have been "Helloween" or "Manowar". It's madness thinking that's been 15 years ago - and I'm still recovering from the dross that used to abuse my ears and mind back then. See, I was a co-owner of this hole-in-the-wall metal store in those days. Nobody of the customers was interested in me recommending Candlemass or Bathory or - god forbid!, Pentagram to them. Why would they when there were albums by such luminaries as White Skull, Defender and, ahem, Sacred Steel up for the grabs? How this rant links to the review you might ask? Both Sacred Steel and Dawn Of Winter share the same vocalist, that's how. Plus, both those bands are the living equivalent of "generic and non-eventful" in their chosen genre. Supposedly, by releasing this four-song vinyl 12" Dawn Of Winter are celebrating their 22nd anniversary - cheers guys, congrats! Didn't know 22 had any magical power / meaning / significance behind it, sorry. Have your fun and all but the next time I'm in an arty and meaningful doomy mode I know I'll stick to 'Epicus...', 'Nightfall', or the godly Procession. No offence, just keep that sorcerer's skull in your possession and away from me, OK? Nice cover art, though. [5]
(Vladimir Petrov)


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