Aenaon 'Cendres et Sang' review

'Cendres et Sang'
(Code 666)

Greece has to exhibit many interesting and notable metal and especially black metal bands. Aenaon is one of these bands, that succeeded in surprising us with is debut full-length album 'Cendres et Sang'. Even from the first song, the jazz elements make the album special, while the saxophone continues to travel our emotions and imagination, as along with the percussion make the jazz / metal fusion in the second song, before one realizes that it is about a melodic black metal song, with some death metal vocals. The jazzy sound reminds of Den Saakaldte, while the influences of Shining and Satyricon are obvious. Varying between jazz, melody, black metal and metalcore, the band wouldn't bore you at all. The frequent changes in the tempo, the flawless passage from brutal death/black metal vocals into clean vocals, the progressive percussions along with the metalcore riffs of the attacking guitars and the avantgarde black metal elements compose a unique sound, which is excellent in terms of compositions and aesthetics. The big surprise was the impressive last song of the album, "In Heaven", where the piano at the intro followed by female choir vocals ends up to a mix of emotion, black metal vocals and melodic solos, being atmospheric, melodic and aggressive at the same time. It should be mentioned that this song is a cover of the Eraserhead’s soundtrack by David Lynch. The outro that Aenaon decided to use could not be other, in order to close a cycle of melody, suffocation, atmosphere, rage and emotion, expressed via the dark and melancholic lyrics of an inner soul. The production is very good, where the recordings took place in over five studios. In overall, the album is very good and proposed to those who like listening to non-conforming and non-traditional metal bands from the black metal scene, those not afraid to experiment with their sound. [8,5]
(Dark Alice's nightingale)


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