Dead 'Hardnaked...But Dead!' review

'Hardnaked...But Dead!'
(FDA Recotz)

Germany's Dead return with a new assault of sleazy,filthy old-school brutal death metal. I remember hearing this band's name through tape-traders, fan/web-zines etc. over the last 10 yrs or so, but sadly I never got any of their earlier releases (I'm kicking myself now after hearing their latest!). I was under the impression the band was more of a gore-grind style band but with 'Hardnaked...But Dead!' the band is full-on old-school death metal with a healthy dose of brutality. Dead is stripped down death metal inspired by such legends as Autopsy, Cianide know, bands who don't have to play a million notes and blasts a minute to prove they are brutal or heavy and they are definitely not the newer genre of death metal that plays the god-awful core or over-played technical style.
Dead are not a copycat or blatant rip-off band, they play this style of metal for the sheer love and genuine support of this genre and this shines through in the band's musical ability and writing. The band have crafted some great guitar work and drums to keep the music interesting and never really gets boring, the vocals are powerful growls. Dead have crafted a solid death metal release that will please both long time fans as well as new ones. 


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