Ave Maria 'Chapter One' review

'Chapter One'
(Ahdistuksen Aihio)

After listening to AveMaria's debut simply titled 'Chapter One' a few times I have to say this is one of the most impressive and well-written dark/black metal masterpieces I've heard in years. And another impressive fact is this is just the band's debut release! The music is played slower, almost black/doom to a more mid-paced black metal pace, the guitars have the harsh, screechy sound in parts but also there's a lot of really good solos and well played structures. The drumming is top notch while keeping up with the guitars and they never really go full on blasting, which is good 'cause I think Ave Maria have a great style and sound within the mid-paced realm (Although as mentioned earlier this is the band's debut, so who knows, the band might speed things up in the future).
Ave Maria are not strictly black metal clones and add a little variety (ugh, usually a horrible word when describing black metal music in my opinion!) with some psychedelic melodies and somber moments to add an extra layer of darkness to the band's already dark sound and feel. Ave Maria are definitely a band influenced by pure black metal but are also not afraid to mix in melody or different elements. Highly recommended to all who listen and enjoy blackened, dark metal.
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