Ceremonial Perfection 'Alone In The End' review

'Alone In The End'
(Nailbord Records)

Hailing from Estonia of all places, Ceremonial Perfection’s newest release gives us something to be truly excited about. 'Alone In the End' starts off promising, with an interesting and engaging intro followed by “Symbols and Processes” and what I would soon find to be some of the most amazing melodic death metal I’ve heard in a very long time, filled with hooks and melodies that are nothing short of mind-blowingly.
And let’s not forget about the instrumentation in itself. In addition to the excellent songwriting, Ceremonial Perfection is composed of musicians who know how to handle their instruments very well, the most technically proficient being the drummer, who blows me away. The riffs are as close to melodic perfection as one can get. Songs like “Autumn of Memories,” Through Your Devil Nature,” “Asymmetry,” and the aforementioned “Symbols and Processes” (best track in my opinion) are prime examples of this, and while this album is filled with many songs that provide incredulous hooks from start to finish, not every song feels the need to be so immediate in its delivery, but this isn’t a bad thing, as it gives the album diversity and versatility. Tracks like “Blinding White” and “My Labyrinth” choose to build up and work their way up to their emphatic melodies and uplifting choruses rather than provide them throughout the whole song. 
In conclusion, 'Alone In the End' is a near-perfect melodic death metal album in every way imaginable. This is the kind of release that can make someone excited to listen to metal music again. Now, I’m not saying that these guys are the next In Flames, but I’m not saying they aren’t either. [9]
(Andrew Oliver)


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