Bongripper 'Sex Tape/Snuff Film' review

'Sex Tape/Snuff Film' (EP)

Over the years, since their debut in 2006, Bongripper has never disappointed me, and has never failed to blow me away with their extremely innovative and amazing brand of instrumental doom metal. That being said, when I first began listening to the band’s new two-track EP, 'Sex Tape/Snuff Film', I was doubting whether or not they could maintain this glowing reputation. 
The first track, “Sex Tape,” is obviously extremely heavy, that was a given from the very beginning. However, the stunning experimentation and intrigue for Bongripper is known for is absent from this track completely, and in its place are boring and repetitious riffs that do little to draw you in. There are some bright (well, more like faintly glowing) moments in this song, like the intense jamming and increased speed in the second half of the song, but even in light of this, there’s still nothing that really holds and engages you. Could it be? Could Bongripper really be turning into a boring and monotonous sludge metal clone? At this point, I was very afraid for the future.
But then, a glimmer of hope from the EP’s second track, “Snuff Film.” And it was far more than a glimmer. This song completely saves the EP from boring and monotonous first track and blows me away. Always uncompromisingly heavy, with constant shifts in speed, along with infectious melodies and hooks that are perfectly matched by off-kilter and experimental songwriting that makes Bongripper so amazing. This track makes the EP more than worth buying in my opinion, and I am very much looking forward to their next full-length. [6.5]
(Andrew Oliver)


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