Bloody Hammers 'Bloody Hammers' review

'Bloody Hammers'
(Soulseller Records)

Guessing from the artwork of this album, one is sure what he is going to hear: old school psychedelic occult stoner/doom metal. Indeed, this is the musical concept on the first full-length self-titled album of Bloody Hammers from North Carolina. The name of the band derives from the Roky Erickson’s song "Bloody Hammer" found on his album 'The Evil One' from 1981. Some of the band’s influences are Alice Cooper, Pentagram, Black Sabbath, Danzig and Nick Cave, which can be easily understood even from the first song, as well as from the brilliant "Fear No Evil", the hypnotic "Say Goodbye to the Sun" and the astonishing ‘Don’t Breath a Word’. 
'Bloody Hammers' is chock full of powerful horror dark hard rock / heavy metal, with groovy and melodic sound, catchy riffs and clean vocals. Concrete sound, instrumental balance and excellent performance characterize all ten songs of the album. One can also find at times  touches of electro and industrial-type sound, which makes the atmosphere of this work even more sparkling. All these different styles have been blended very well, without significant variations in the musical compositions – something for which one could blame the music as monotonous, hypnotizing the listener and leaving him with a "funky melancholy". [8]
(Dark Alice's nightingale)


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