Acrimonious 'Sunyata' review

(Agonia Records)

Imposing and raw old school black metal blended with melodic riffs from the Greek band Acrimonious and its second work called 'Sunyata', which was released just few days ago from their current label Agonia Records. Faithful to their initial motive, the first song "Nexus Aosoth" offers us a journey to an eerie world with its supernal sound. But that was only the beginning… The rest of the album can be simply characterized as "pure evil": blasting drums by C. Docre, well-played bass, which is exactly on the songs’ rhythm, fast tempo repetitive guitar riffs that give room for melodic solos from Semjaza 218 and Letifer, excellent vocals from ar-Ra’d al-Iblis and Letifer, varying between growls, low screams, spoken words and whispers. The use of an ecclesiastic choir at the end of “Adharma” further enhances the occultism of the album and overall ‘Sunyata’ offers us a ritualistic, cold and real black sound, touching sometimes the limits of thrash. 
The second album with its imaginative artwork is much more aggressive and faster, revealing more hatred and anger than 'Purulence', the band's 2009 debut album. 'Sunyata' has also a ritualistic, almost pagan, atmosphere that the band wants to express through the chosen lyrical themes they're dealing with - Satanism, evil and Greek mythological demons. The sound of the band is much more improved and technically proficient, there is a balance between the vocals and the instruments without overlaps throughout the whole album, while the musical compositions sound much more coherent and concrete.[8]
(Dark Alice's nightingale) 

ACRIMONIOUS - The Hollow Wedjat by Agonia Records


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