Blutmond 'The Revolution Is Dead!' review

'The Revolution Is Dead!'
(Code 666)

Right off the bat the Swiss black avant-gardists Blutmond pique your interest with an ingenious and imaginative newspaper-style info sheet that accompanies the release of their third full-length album, not to mention the provocative artwork created by 10XIXt.
Musically, this is quite provocative too - Marc’s romantic saxophone is beautifully blended with the aggressive vocals of both John and Jerry, Dave’s tight drums and Sin-Marlon’s melodic guitar riffs.
Blutmond experiments with their sound and give us a weird album, where emotion, hate and anger are carefully and successfully mixed together. Unconventional and non-traditional, the sound of Blutmond gives a new meaning to the concept of avant-garde black metal, borrowing features from post-rock, electronic, jazz, progressive and black scene. The ‘punky’ vocals aim directly at your face, when the guitars and the keyboards try in some parts to calm down the listener, who constantly feels under pressure and slightly confused. Undoubtedly Blutmond has pushed further the limits of avant-garde with this album that lyrically deals with the reluctance of humans to fight the mass culture that has entered our lives by force. [8]
(Dark Alice's nightingale)


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