Ragnarok 'Malediction' review

(Agonia Records)

Many bands emerged during the ‘90s following the Norwegian black metal genre. However, only few of them are still active and / or  faithful to this style nowadays. One of these bands is Ragnarok, introducing us their seventh full-length violent album 'Malediction'.
Unleash the blasphemous beast: fast and attacking guitar riffs, stormy and merciless drums, brutal bass and classic black metal vocals compose the map of this album. The highlight of the album could be the melodic guitar intro on "Dystocratic", making a nice change from the other songs. HansFyrtse and his team from Sarpsborg, Norway offer 45 minutes of blasting music, leaving the listener with feelings of hate and anger against humanity and Christianity. Aggressive and evil, the lyrical content of the ten songs deals with a variety of themes: from the Vikings attack on Lindisfarne Monastery in 793 which set aside the Christian religion, to one’s inner demons and humanity's conflicts, all the way to the wrong operation of democracy - yet always conjuring visions of slaughtered Christian corpses lying at the battlefield.
Rounding things out - 'Malediction' is a typical black metal album, almost like the ones done back in the '90s, with little new to offer us music-wise, but being this technically good it leaves us with nothing to complain about. You have nothing new and experimental to expect from this album, except for furious vocals mixed with stormy instruments. It is about a true raw black metal album, with concrete sound, instrumental balance and flawless execution, which will definitely satisfy all fans of the genre.[8]
(Dark Alice's nightingale)



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