Byfrost 'Of Death' review

'Of Death'
(AFM Records)

Well, there’s not much to say about 'Of Death' that hasn’t already been said of many thrash albums before it, so I’ll stick to the key points and not waste your time or mine with unnecessary extraneous details.
Byfrost air on the heavier, more extreme, technical side of thrash metal; much like Artillery. This album mainly serves as a vessel for lots of cool, fast riffs, boundless energy, crazy screaming vocals, and very impressive musicianship.
'Of Death' is mostly high-velocity thrash metal with some mid-paced chugging thrown in for added heaviness. This is really not too original at all, but it’s not such a rip off that it can’t be enjoyed. It’s a quick, fun thrash album (8 tracks in under 40 minutes) and I suggest you check it out if you aren’t looking for anything groundbreaking or revolutionary. [6.5]
(Andrew Oliver)


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