Dementia 'Beyond The Pale' review

'Beyond The Pale'
(MDD Records)

Well, here we go. Another new thrash album for review. I had no doubt that it was going to be an amalgam of rehashed Slayer riffs, tired old tricks, and overall, a blatant rip-offery of the classics. Going into this album, I had low expectations, but after the first listen, I was, thankfully, proven very wrong.
Dementia’s 'Beyond the Pale' kicks off with a very cool thrash intro, an epic opener that sets a tremendous tone for the whole album. The intro ends, and “Reveries of Abhorrence” begins to play. And so we find that Dementia is not a stereotypical thrash band at all, but actually dabbles quite masterfully in a very thrash-influenced death metal hybrid. 
The riffs here are extremely memorable, and often quite dynamic. Solos are very impressive, and unlike most new thrash solos today, leave a lasting impression on the listener. There are even some excellent clean vocals, which showcase a more traditional thrash sound than one more inspired by metalcore. 
As you continue listening, the riffs and solos get more and more hooky, and frankly, quite awesome. This band definitely knows how to keep me interested. No matter how heavy or how fast they get, there’s always that strong sense of melody, which was laid down by NWOBHM bands, and then picked up by thrash bands in the 80s. This makes this album a blast to listen to, and quite a refreshing one as well, seeing as it fails to follow any set standards for thrash or death metal, but instead, brings forward the very best of both genres. If 80s Metallica, Megadeth, Testament, Anthrax, and Overkill were death metal bands, 'Beyond the Pale' is what I think they would sound like. And let me tell ya, it sounds damn good. [9]
(Andrew Oliver)


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