Bestial Warlust 'Satan's Fist' review

'Satan's Fist'
(Hells Headbangers / Invictus Productions)

Off the top of my head I could think of nearly 666 ways of approaching this release, and scribing the review. I can't highlight enough the impact Bestial Warlust's debut album 'Vengeance War 'Till Death' had on my teen psyche back in the day - this was a complete overloading experience - and still is to this day. Not only those Aussie bastards in no time replaced Blasphemy as my top pick in this particular genre, but they were also the first band that made me pay close attention to their native underground scene, a move that has resulted in experiencing some of the most awesome music those crusty ears have been subjected to - EVER. Fuck it, I would've even scanned and uploaded for you that absolutely atrocious "interview" I did with Bloodstorm  back in the day, only if I could find it - probably for the better: that would've been the ultimate proof for my lame "journalism" and horrible music tastes since day one, hah. In short, I might be called a fan-boy when this band comes into question. Hail Bestial Warlust

'Satan's Fist' was originally recorded as a demo in 1996 and was kept in the vaults since. I, for one, am really glad this is made available on vinyl and CD now, the sound quality is easily superior to the various dubs and 128kbs downloads out there. Even though this is hardly the most triumphant offering unleashed by the band I can't imagine someone complaining about these 3 songs. Sure, this is only Hellcunt and Skullfucker demoing tunes and trying to keep the band alive after the demise of the previous line-up(s) but even for two members they've made a racket between themselves and what this (slightly!) lacks in the full-on ferocious annihilation department, they make for it with some mean guitar riffs and melodies that wouldn't have sounded out of place if used by bands such as Destroyer 666 or Assaulter, to mention just a couple of examples. The more I listen to this, the more I seem to dig it - especially after somehow shaking off the initial expectations that 'Satan's Fist' is gonna be on the same level as the two studio albums. Still, this is militantly aggressive, raw as nobody's business, slit-your-throat metal done the Bestial way - a pleasure to the old timers and a great way to the younger legions to see as to why the band is still cited as one of the most influential by some of the meanest ones making the waves in the underground those days. Add this to your Xmass shopping list, you fuckos! [8]
(Vladimir Petrov)



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