Children Of Technology 'Mayhemic Speed Anarchy' review

'Mayhemic Speed Anarchy' 7"
(Hells Headbangers)

'It's Time To Face The Doomsday', the Italians debut outing for Hells Headbangers, was embraced with open arms by Dale, as can be attested by the positive review he gave them. COT's punk/metal mixture isn't exactly unique sounding, a thing that seemingly isn't bothering the band at all and they're still proudly wearing their influences on their collective sleeves on this 7". Rest assured the usual suspect influence of Broken Bones and English Dogs are here on the title song, but what I'm most reminded of, whilst listening, is The Exploited. Resemblances to that band's 'Death Before Dishonour' / 'The Massacre' era, both production and riff/solo-wise, are pretty obvious - and what about having "anarchy" in the lyrics? Competently played and energetic, for sure but I reckon I'd rather stick to the true and tried Wattie's gang - and his harsher and fucked up pronunciation. Side B is COT frantically covering "Computer World" by Black Uniforms - good to see these Swedes getting some more exposure and appreciation! Frankly speaking, 'Mayhemic Speed Anarchy' is a rather good stop-gap type EP (and vinyl is king, simple!) but it's also hardly the most addictive drug the market offers. If you love your crossover being more on the punky side this will get you high enough, though. [7]
(Vladimir Petrov) 



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