Behexen 'Nightside Emanations' review

'Nightside Emanations'
(Debemur Morti Productions)

Black metal. You know black metal, right? Yup, I know you do - saw it last night on Facebook. Funny Vikernes memes. The newly adopted black and white kitten - Abbath, you know, is sooo lovely. And the pandas video link...genius, pure genius!

You know jack.

The return of Behexen, after four years of silence, couldn't have been more appropriate, time and music-wise, or welcomed. 'Nightside Emanations' is the kind of rude stab in the face this so-called "scene" of today sorely deserves. The Finnish lunatics have proven once more that you must recognize your roots in order to be able to move forward, all while praising the rebellious Luciferian flame the genre has been build upon. It's all in here for you to explore - ten songs filled with oppressive abysmal atmosphere and a longing for that indescribable "other world" we're all secretly hoping breaking in. Yes, the album is THIS good and each and every new listen makes it better. Leave behind your prejudices about the relevance of "2012 black metal" and the jagged "heard it all before" feel and submit yourself. The spirit of classic-era Bathory, Mayhem, Dissection and Root lives on in Behexen and that's all you need to know before purchasing this album.

Black metal
Lay down your souls.

Silly review, you say?
Just make sure you delete me on Facebook. 
(Vladimir Petrov)

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