Abacinate 'Genesis' review

(Epitomite Productions) 
American death metal though not of the old school I come from and tend to like. No, 'Genesis' resides in new school sounds mixing death metal and hardcore in the breakdown kind of style. There are even some traces of the melodo Scandinavian metal ala In Flames or Children of Bodom ilk. Some of the growling vocals are actually really good, but every now and then they get kind of rhyme-y and rap like, which rapidly loses the plot for me and turns me off completely. I like Abacinate best when they put their heads down and just rip full force ahead with their heaviest death metal riffing. Those moments are generally interrupted with the breakdowns and hardcore sections. I have nothing against hardcore, I like it, but not that many death metal bands are adept at combining the two in an interesting way. The melodic power metal influence at times does help to cut down on the awkward transitions from dm to hardcore and add a touch of class to proceedings. A mixed bag here, I think you really have to dig the metal core thing or whatever they are calling it these days (hey I am an old man I might be out of touch here), to enjoy this album, at least it does not delve too far into the lame mallcore thing. We must be thankful for small favours sometimes ha-ha. 
 (Dale Roy) 


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