Acid Witch 'Stoned' review

(Hells Headbangers)

Classic intro mainstream documentary type clip on Satanism, that gives off that 'Rosemary's Baby' sort of atmosphere. These clips continue to pop up throughout the album. Some will see that as cheesy I am sure, but I like it. Raunchy and evil fuzz death/doom/stoner metal is what you get on 'Stoned'. I automatically find myself thinking of great American doom band Goatlord. The bio throws in Deep Purple as an influence, maybe the pacing here and there but otherwise I do not hear that at all. I like the mix of horror / Satanism alongside the stoner aesthetic, it is different you have to give them that much. The vocals are clear and understandable but also vomiting and deep, it is a nice combination which works well with the music. The pacing is good with the rhythmic ritualistic repetition interspersed with more rocking and upbeat sections ala St. Vitus at times I suppose. Some killer guitar fills and short soloing which really adds to the atmosphere. There is nothing especially stand out or amazing about Acid Witch. But they are a little off-beat and they roll out some powerful fuzzed out death/doom with that sinister touch. I found myself enjoying this album.
(Dale Roy)


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