Blaspherian 'Infernal Warriors Of Death' review

'Infernal Warriors Of Death'
(Deathgasm Records)

Blaspherian are from Texas, they have been around half a decade or so, yet this is their debut album. You know I kind of like that. So many bands rush right into making an album or signing the first offer that comes along from the thousands of small labels. Blaspherian have been releasing a couple demos and EPs and honing their craft. I think this album will appeal to fans of old school death metal that got off on bands like early Incantation, Imprecation, Immolation (though not as complex or layered but in general sound) and maybe even some death / doom bands like Disembowelment and the like. Yes fans of newer death will probably not like this, and complain about how low-fi / obscure sounding it is, like hey dude where are the start and stop jumping time changes?! I would guess Blaspherian would be pleased about that reaction, because they did not make this album for them, it is proudly the antithesis of that metal/mallcore crap. These guys love to hang out there with that rumbling doomy wall of monotonous wall of noise; it just runs over you like a steamroller. They do change it up at times and inject short bouts of adrenaline with frenzied drums that batter the kit from one end to the other. The vocals are extremely obscure deep growls that mostly melt into the background of the mix and music. The whole thing is pretty brutal and hypnotic at the same time. I like it, but I bet it will be an acquired taste for some of you reading this.
 (Dale Roy)

(Dale Roy)


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