Blut Aus Nord 'The Mystical Beast Of Rebellion' review

'The Mystical Beast Of Rebellion'
(Debemur Morti Productions)

I am no authority on the Blut Aus Nord catalog. I think I only have one of their releases I reviewed and off the top of my head it was the one that followed this record in 2003. An album that was on the experimental black metal side of things during that time to an extent I suppose. I have not given the band a lot of thought since then. As I am sure most of you know this is a re-release of the bands 2001 album. From what I can gather about the band and their history, this release was kind of a transitional one for them. It bridges the gap between their harsher black metal roots and their newer material, which is more experimental and maybe a little bizarre even. With 'Mystical Beast...' you can hear the old Darkthrone and Burzum influence. But Blut Aus Nord do this style very well and add their own stamp to it. It is a moody, depressive and introspective black metal record yet it never lets the harsh cold anger that made the old second wave of black metal so great in my mind. I am finding it difficult not be possessed by the freezing sounds on here and at the same time impressed with the dedication and craftsmanship that went into constructing this musical experience. Debemur Morti do not disappoint with the quality in which the double disc album is presented either. This comes highly recommended by me. 
(Dale Roy)


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