Witchunter 'Crystal Demons' review

'Crystal Demons'
(High Roller Records)

Witchunter from Italy have joined forces under the flag of NWOTHM, a style that's all the rage in various circles today. The band has quoted Raven, Angel Witch, Holocaust, Jaguar, Tygers Of Pan Tang and Tank as their main influences, and it shows in their music, combined with their love for the occult, as some of the titles suggest. 'Crystal Demons' is a decent album, with some of the more choice cuts being 'Ready Tonight', 'Princess Of Hell', 'Over The Lighting' and 'Speed Killer', as well as their bow to Judas Priest in 'Road Master'. Band's singer, Steve De Leo, uses a wide range and always sounds convincing, and doesn't bother me with his highs and screams, unlike some of the other vocalists in the genre. Add to this a cover of Tygers Of Pan Tang and here we have a rather nice debut album, available on CD by My Graveyard Prod and limited edition vinyl by High Roller. [7,5] 
(Asen Asenov)


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