Deathfist 'Too Hot To Burn' review

Too Hot to Burn’
(Pure Steel Records)

Even though a relatively new band, Deathfist's line-up is comprised of musicians who couldn't be exactly called rookies – vocalist Corinna Becker and guitarist Marcus Wichman are known for their work with Mortal Remains, who have been in the scene for a while already. 'Too Hot To Burn' is the band's debut full length, following an EP released in 2009 and what we've here is nicely played and very eager sounding thrash that combines the aggressiveness and speed of Kreator and Exodus (especially in Corinna's singing manner). Their MySpace also quotes Metallica as an influence, but I don't hear that. The songs are straightforward and pummelling, non-compromising and rapid, akin to machine-gun fire aimed at the listener. There is real high energy here and band's gigs should be quite the head-banging spectacles, I reckon. The album is flat out cool, couple of the more impressive songs for me were 'Demons' and the title track 'Too Hot To Burn'. Too hot indeed, and if you need your trip to the circles of hell as well then get this album. [8]
 (Asen Asenov) 


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