Delta Cepheid 'Entity' review

(MDD Records)

Ever feel like listening to something that just blows your mind with its technicality, as well as its extremity? Well, Delta C’s 'Entity' does all that and more! On this release, the band shows off that really crazy technical death metal with wildly sporadic time changes, intense vocals, lots of minor guitar harmonies, and plenty of complex drumming.
Now, as I’m sure you know, this sub-genre of death metal has become very common nowadays. It seems like more and more bands are becoming interested in showing off how much better they can play their instruments than anyone else. What makes Delta Cepheid different from these bands?
Well, for starters, there’s a heavy dose of prog influence here. Take for example, “Singularity”, the intro to “Evolution Part 1,” and the title track, for starters, and you’ll see that these and many more tracks on this album have some very interesting and thought provoking melodic sections, and while it’s true that the band often opts for making their music mind-blowingly complex more often than making it melodic or memorable, they often add interludes, intros, melody lines, soft instrumental passages, and melodic solos to break up the cacophony and bring a little warmth to this cold and very mechanical sub-genre of death metal, and this is what keeps me listening intently.
This cyborg fusion of spastic, complex guitar noodling and heavy riffing with Progressive, free-flowing melody creates harmony in the chaos, and as a result, an interesting listening experience. [7.5]
(Andrew Oliver)


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