Amnis Nihili 'Christological Escalation' review

'Christological Escalation'
(Avantgarde Music)

Imagine being in an open, looking down at yourself, and watching your sanity slowly slip away before your eyes. Imagine observing, with a sane, conscious mind, your sanity leaving you, and being replaced with madness, paranoia, anger, and fear.
This is the mood that the Greek black metallers, Amnis Nihili, create so brilliantly on their four-track EP, 'Christological Escalation'. Hypnotizing riffs intertwine with moments of extreme aggression a chaotic, spiralling descent into madness. The music displayed here is spellbinding, showcasing swirling, atmospheric riffs swirl around in empty space, always leaving room for something else to fill it.
This EP is a brilliant display of grim despair, agonizing hatred, and hostile fury. A perfect balance, and as a result, we’re given a near-perfect black metal album that is always sure to hypnotize and entrance you for as long as this short recording lasts. [9]
(Andrew Oliver)


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