Drakar 'Let Draka' review

'Let Draka / The Flight Of The Dragon' 2 CD
(I Hate Records)

I must confess I missed this band the first time when they were around, and had not even heard of them. I am little sad about that fact ,I wish I heard them decades ago. I am able to find little information on this band, they are from the Czech Republic (the second I heard the vocals I already knew this, more on that later), and this particular release was originally set loose on the world way back in 1990. I think it would be fair to call them a slower paced thrash metal band with a lot of old heavy metal influence. Their sound though is so distinct, instant classic sounding, and the odd quirky speed of the songs makes it sound so cool and it just sticks in your head. There are some superb guitar leads and fills and they really help round out the songs without sounding like a wank at all. Now back to the vocals. The second I heard them and the phrasing of the words, I knew these guys were Czech. It often reminds me to the cleaner, dark sounding parts from the legendary Czech band Root. I worship Root and am fully obsessed with their vocals delivered via the talented Big Boss. I can not get enough of the vocals on this album. The fact that it is all backed with wonderful, classic sounding songs only further takes this record to elite levels in my view. The only track I do not like on here is the one with the English chorus called 'Crazy Boy', it is a more upbeat happy sounding song than the other material, but the English sung vocals are horrible and ruin the song. Apparently this is limited to only 500 copies. A magnificent record and I am thrilled I have finally found this at after missing out for all these years. I consider myself lucky to have a copy and I am also happy I got the Czech language sung version. The two disc in case you wondered are the Czech and English versions apparently.
(Dale Roy)


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