Denouncement Pyre 'World Cremation' review

'World Cremation'
(Hells Headbangers)

I have not seen a logo that hard to decipher for a while. It brings back some nostalgia from the early to middle 90s with all the great brutal death bands. That feeling is well founded musically as well as Denouncement Pyre's brand of death metal harkens back to some classic early 90s dm. I love the production on here, really heavy but old school sounding. The drum sound has that deep in your chest thud quality on the bass drum and the nice pitter patter timbre from the tom toms that I love and is so often missing these days. It is an organic sounding production; unlike many an album today that sounds like each instrument has a layer of slick plastic wrapped around it. The vocals are not your traditional death metal growls, but rather most of the time an evil and dark sounding hiss / rasp with an undertone of the old stand-by growl. Those vocals really suit the ominous malevolent atmosphere the music creates. They have a little different style, but think of the atmosphere created on the masterpiece album 'Rites Of The Black Mass' by Acheron or maybe some earlier Ancient Rites stuff. All these damn Australians seem to know how to do  great UG metal!
(Dale Roy)


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