Avenger 'Bohemian Dark Metal' review

'Bohemian Dark Metal'

Balls the size of King Kong's very ones are required from a band inclined to use the term 'Dark Metal' (you weird syckos Bethlehem, you!) in their album title, nevertheless to justify that through their tunes. Avenger, ladies and gentleman, IS that fuckin band. Serving their dues to the underground since times immemorial (eh, the early '90's), these Czech lunatics have developed a brutal onslaught on the senses, mixing the intricacies of black and death metal with haunting vocals, which prove once again that their native language fits like a blood-dripping axe in mass-murderer's hands to the menacing metal the real freaks prefer to consume. Most certainly we won't be going to experience another Bathory, Celtic Frost or Master's Hammer life-changing music revelations in our lifetimes, yet bands such as Avenger should be held in high regard as one of those who are damn close to achieve the very same impact. There should be a good reason that Honza was recruited to play the drums for the return-to-form 'Vracejte konve na misto', right? [8]


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