Reveal 'Nocturne Of Eyes And Teeth' review

'Nocturne Of Eyes And Teeth'
(Invictus - CD / High Roller - LP)

Nearly a year after the initial vinyl release (copies still available) here comes the CD version of these Swedes' debut album. Leave it to Invictus to unearth yet another band whose musical roots and influences are firmly planted in the days of old, with the matching 'warmer' production from the days gone by. I reckon that 'honesty' is the word that fits best in describing Reveal's music - a four-piece metal band that is able to keep their tunes interesting for the listener by mixing predominantly heavy metal riffing with  darkened beats and vocals coming via the black metal route, with the added spice of subtle rocky/bluesier solos and guitar melodies. 'Nocturne...' most likely isn't the album that would set the world on fire but in some respect there's no real need in that. I can easily imagine one approaching the band after a gig, drinking some brew and enjoying a lengthy conversation together on such important topics as denim, leather, dark forces, Morbid/Mayhem, obscure '80's metal etc.  until wee o' clock with Master's Hammer on repeat blazing  out of the speakers. Nice little scenario, if you catch my drift. [7,5]
(Vladimir Petrov)



  1. I fell in love with these album and can't stop playing it in my head


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