Occultation 'Three & Seven' review

'Three & Seven'

The Irish label had seen enough merit to secure the European release of this album, thus adding some diversity to their roster. With Negative Plane being on the lips of everyone dwelling in the subterranean scene it's a safe bet that Occultation will be given plenty of interest and, quite possibly, some harsh reactions to balance the praise. This is dark and brooding, filled with atmosphere of decomposing corpses and endless gloom and a far cry from most of the allegedly similar 'Occult Rock/Female vocals' acts of today which shamefully sound closer to the likes of Uriah Heep instead of a band that is trying to portrait the unknown. When in the right mood this can be really good as there are enough interesting parts, harmonies and musicianship to be found in these seven songs, so listeners whose taste runs towards  the obscure end of the musical spectrum would most likely deem Occultation valuable. Everyone else will probably pass this up and will be looking forward to the new Gospel Of The Horns album that Invictus are doing soon. [7]


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