Black Hole Of Calcutta 'S/T # 2' review

'S/T # 2'

Ha-ha-ha, don't you love the cover art for this? Kinda like those classic GBK ones, but these filthy bastards here have chosen that leper-kissing freak Mother Teresa and applied the corpse paint accordingly. From the sounds of this demo this bunch of sick bastards leave the impression being the kind of people who'd enjoy setting homes and cars on fire, causing havoc in the city streets. High energy, intense crust/power violence that's designed to smash your head in via short, and tightly played, songs, uber-raspy, bile-spitting vocals and lyrics of the 'we're all doomed' variety...the complete package. You might not like that but I'm sucker for the style and this is pretty neat/fucked up stuff to boost the adrenaline rush in the mornings - don't tell me you are not starting the day playing some Disrupt to set up the fighting mood? This is a tough world, after all...up the punx! [7,5]
(Vladimir Petrov) 



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