The Royal Arch Blaspheme 'II' review

(Hells Headbangers)

With Gelso of Profanatica and Krieg's Imperial in the line up this couldn't be anything but a barbaric mash of stubbornly primitive, ill-natured and mean sounding black fuckin metal. Two new wandering souls have joined the band since the release of the debut album (review here), other than that welcome addition there's no further surprises or disappointments - make no bones about it: if you love the agonizing scornful sounds and atmosphere of Profanatica, you'd be for a treat here. Fans of technical playing, soaring keyboards and avantgarde ideas need no entry, The Royal Arch Blaspheme is the complete opposite of your musical preferences - this is the kind of stripped down rawness the genuine underground scene needs in these days of confusion and misinformed marketing. 'II' is kick ass, to put it bluntly. [8]
(Vladimir Petrov)



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