U.D.O. 'Celebrator' review

AFM Records - CD / High Roller Records - LP

Udo Dirkschneider & Co are on the roll again by releasing this collection of rare tracks, which is to be followed soon by the band's brandnew DVD 'Live In Sofia'.
Fans of the band should be pretty much delighted by this 2 CD set, as this is jam packed with all kinds of quirky material: Japanese-only bonus tracks, ones lifted off from ltd edition EPs, previously unreleased songs, Udo's guest appearances for bands such as Raven, Hammerfall and Lordi, cuts recorded for various tributes - you name it, it's in here. It's kinda puzzling as to why some of those previously unreleased songs ('Tallyman', 'The Silencer' and 'Artificialized' ) haven't been used on the respective albums they've been recorded for, as all three are class. However, even with such extensive collection of songs, a couple of ones are bound to slip through the cracks - particularly I'm missing the awesome 'The Longer You Can Wait' (recorded for the 1990 'Faceless World' album), that would have been a nice addition to round things off. 'Celebrator' would be more than enjoyable for U.D.O.'s fans, and is a fitting warm-up to the forthcoming DVD. [7,5]
(Asen Asenov)


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