Voidcleaning - reviews pt. 2

Part 2 of what, due to various reasons, is now a regular feature.


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SATANIC BLOODSPRAYING - 'At The Mercy Of Satan' (Hells Headbangers)

Wow, this is more Impaled Nazarene than Impaled Nazarene themselves have been in years! The review should stop here but I still can't make my head around this band. Part of me likes this (well, I've first heard IN over 20 years ago, scary!) but on the other hand I don't really need what equals to simply be a tribute band to these ears. Let me put it this way - thanks for the promo but in no way I would be paying cash for this album, even on a perfect day...Wolves winning a game, for example, the useless cunts. [5]

Satanic Bloodspraying Bandcamp 
BLACKENED WISDOM - 'The Angels Are Crying' (Hells Headbangers)
Recorded back in 1993 and only released now, the main draw here is that vocalist / guitarist for the short-lived Blackened Wisdom was none but Bill Taylor, the denim-clad monster from everyone's fave unholy cult, Immolation. Watching him going completely berserk for over an hour when Immolation toured over these parts of the world mere couple months ago was one of my personal highlights from their perfect gig. This three-song 7", however, isn't exactly awe-inspiring, nor exceptionally good - thanks to the booming, sub-par production the songs have been robbed of energy, intensity and memorability, which is bad news if you're going for a menacing death / black hybrid sound. Some good bits scattered here and there throughout the songs but, frankly, Order From Chaos is all you need in that particular genre of metal. [6]
BRUME D'AUTOMNE - 'Brune d'Automne' (Sepulchral Productions)

Second album for one of the prime examples of Quebec black metal, a two piece band (or is it a side project?) of members playing also in Forteresse and Ur Falc'h. Never heard the latter but the music on this album is pretty much dissimilar to that of the former - Brume d'Automne is way more straightforward than Forteresse are in style and execution - more stripped down, raw black metal impurity and less folklore touches, although those are certainly noticeable as well. The songs are fast and aggressive, the drums have a cool "dirty" sounding about them, the guitar work is effective in a minimalist way, injecting enough melody as to prevent this crossing the line between black and war metal and the vocals are harsh and tortured for sure. While most of this is probably too "90s Scandinavian black metal style" to be highly unique this band does deserve a fair share of praise. [7]
Brume d'Automne Facebook  
ZEBARGES - 'Stay Barges Or Die!!!' (Ortsid Latem Productions)

The ever-moaning bastard I might be, I love my goofy music every now and then. Haven't seen me bathing in that green slime at a GWAR show? Mess. I love mess. When even that fact doesn't help me enjoying this album you'd know Zebarges have to be real dull. This was supposed to be a punk / metal hybrid but what it sounds like is an inside joke that should have stayed just that, with possible circulation of 3 or 4 CD-R copies to gather dust in the basements / wine cellars of those involved in the recording process. Probably the joke is lost on me due to the French lyrics but then again I don't believe the situation would've been any different. They could be the funniest bunch of maniacs known to mankind, I wouldn't know, but the music is just not there at all. Upped a whole point for their trouble mailing this to me and the photos in the booklet showing some of them wearing Destroyer 666 and Exodus shirts. [2]
Zebarges MySpace

DEVIL - 'Magister Mundi Xum / The Noble Savage' (Soulseller Records)
Just what's on the tin - Devil's demo and 7'' EP are now available on CD format. Some of the featured songs had ended up later, in re-recorded form, on the band's debut full-length, 'Time To Repent', still there's plenty of others to practice your best dancing moves to as well. Most of the tunes are farkin jolly good time - Devil's "bluesdoom" has always been hugely tongue-in-cheek and catchy like a masterful spell cast upon your ears by some old hag. It's fuckin whiskey time, matey - watch me ducking and rocking around - I made a pact at the blacksmith's and the blood is boiling! Not essential, and occasionally goofy retro sounding at times, yet a decent enough to crack a smile on everyone's lips at that party you've been invited to the next Saturday night. [7]
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