Chaos Inception 'The Abrogation' review

'The Abrogation'
(Lavadome Productions)

Upon my first listen,one of the first things that I noticed was the maniacal speed of the double bass and the big influences of old Morbid Angel ('Blessed Are The Sick' era). The technical structure of the music is great, magnificent brutality to a higher level, this is far from slow, don't even think that. Mean brutal death metal with sinister vocals, undeniably death metal perfection. Furious guitar solos and a lethal dose of aggression.Definitely Chaos Inception will pulverize the world senses, the best thing about it - the vocals keep the feeling of the 90's way of metal and I love it!
 (Check out Paul's own Aquelarre Zine for a lengthy interview with the band,
 click here - ED)
(Paul Caravasi)


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