Beast 'Thrash Metal Propaganda' review

'Thrash Metal Propaganda'

Third release in three years for these Spaniards, that could only be a good sign for the level of dedication and hunger of expressing what is in their hearts. That's right, we are in for some thrash metal here, seemingly influenced by the more controlled late 80s US style rather than the much ruder Euro version one would possibly be tricked to expect based on the band's name and the title given to this EP. The band also talks about being influenced by death metal but I don't hear that in the tunes, as both the playing/singing and the production cements them into thrash territory, no matter if they're slowing down the pace for "Black Death", which is my particular fave of the bunch, or not. Apart from that cut and the closing melodic instrumental piece (an odd choice, isn't it guys?) the three remaining songs are US thrash proper, showcasing tight playing and a desire to offer a bit more (dynamics, groove) than the usual menu. There's some promise here, but probably this particular Beast should be given some more time strengthening up, growing stronger set of teeth and menacing claws to achieve more of a menacing impact on the listener. It would be foolish not to keep an eye on this band but as of now their propaganda has somewhat of a limited appeal to me. [6,5]
(Vladimir Petrov) 



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