Centurion 'Serve No One' review

'Serve No One'
(Psycho Records)

Centurion are a vile bunch of lunatics, purely musically speaking. 'Serve No One', their second album, is a constant, 28 minute long, bash-fest of death metal brutality. Right from the opening attack of 'Total Terror' these Polish freaks are making a bold statement that they know the name of their game and not an ounce of rage and intensity would be spared on the listener's expense. Not only that but this is slightly more memorable than your usual band playing the style, Centurion have been honing their craft for over a decade now and, frankly, it shows. Those Morbid Angel/Immolation-inspired guitar riffs and solos are a welcome addition, the vocalist, while guttural, has a knack of coming up with fist pumping 'chorus' lines ('Total Terror', 'Cut The Throat' and 'Thy Portal' all are good examples of this) and the blast are right on target – so much so that I'm starting to believe it's easier spotting a sober Pole on a Friday night than a mediocre Polish drummer. Alright, couple of tracks flew over my head but the aforementioned ones, alongside 'Gateways To Condemnation' and 'No One To Serve' still make for an album worth checking out. Kudos to Progresja Studio for the excellent production job as well. Na zdrowie, panowie! [7,5]
(Vladimir Petrov) 


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