Oath Of Woe 'Oath Of Woe' review

'Oath Of Woe'

Those on the lookout in the doom scene have been well aware of this band for some time now, and deservedly so, I hasten to add. Ain't it great when one's attention is captivated solely by the music, instead of the, oh so prevalent nowadays, stunts, gimmicks and flashy 'PR' actions (spamming)? That's right it is – and Oath Of Woe's slow, anthemic dirges could very well induce the precious feelings of melancholy, sorrow and inner strength which doom lovers attribute as crucial and a privilege to the best acts of the genre. Hats off to A. Thunbo for coming up with such monolithic sounding 3 song demo and succeeding in capturing an aura that often eludes bands with more experience and/or members. The pacing of these songs allows the listener to pick all these little nuances that add a charm of its own to this band and the vocal chants are a beast of their own – memorable and addictive to a great effect, which is one of the stand-outs there for me. Do yourself a favour and check out this promising band in their prime. Next to the original CD-R in cardboard release (available from the band) this is going to be put out on tape format by Burn Records soon, so if you pledge commitment to the 'Doom over the world' aesthetic - there's a demo you'd need in your collection. [8]
(Vladimir Petrov) 


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