Sphere 'Homo Hereticus' review

'Homo Hereticus'
(Masterful Records)

Add yet another jewel to the Polish death metal crown. Sphere are one of those bands that have realized that you can actually mix different influences alongside brutality and sheer aggression, thus keeping things more vibrant and interesting for the listener. I won't be laying and say this is one hundredth percent awesomeness, but I can see myself reaching for this album in the coming future. These guys seem to be fuckin pro's on their chosen instrument and the production makes them justice – drumming is really top shelf stuff, guitars have those little intricacies that makes you pay attention and they've been clever enough to give the bassist his time in the spotlight. And then there's the romantically named Analripper demonstrating his ability of sounding both brutal and coherent at the same time. I can't see why anyone who's been raised on a steady musical diet of Morbid Angel, Deicide, Suffocation and Krabathor would willingly overlook Sphere. That said, my personal fave off 'Homo Hereticus' is the punk/d-beat nurtured 'Sadisfucktion', closely followed by the grindy lead out 'War'. That's just me however. [7,5]



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