Crowned 'Vacuous Spectral Silence' review

'Vacuous Spectral Silence'
(Seance Records)

Excellent black metal for Crowned from Queensland, Australia. The debut album of the band is characterized by Burzum-style monotonous guitars, steady drums, heavy bass and amazing growling vocals reminiscent of the Norwegian black vocals of the ‘90s, mixed with some clean vocals that give something more to the sound of the Australian band. Sometimes melodic and other times more aggressive, Crowned touches the limits of atmospheric black metal, although sometimes they are close to be regarded as cliché. Despite the length of the songs, the album has a coherent concept, while it manages to capture the feelings, the emotions and the mind of the listener in an almost hypnotic way, without being boring. 
The whole album reveals exactly what its title says: a void spectral silence. Depression, coldness, grief, frustration and emptiness are the feelings that one has after listening to 'Vacuous Spectral Silence'. In fact it really is what has been announced by the label Séance Records: “Channelling a haunting resonance of the dark ages as creeping shadows enshroud, light scarcely brakes upon the cold stone where a Vacuous Spectral Silence lingers eternally”. Definitely an ideal album for the fans of Summoning, Abigor and Wolves In The Throne Room.[8]
(Dark Alice's nightingale)

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