Silencer 'The Great Bear' review

'The Great Bear'
(Vanity Music Group)

This is Silencer, the new age thrash metal band from Denver, Colorado. Not to be confused with the now split up, and also vastly superior atmospheric black metal band Silencer from Sweden. I am honestly not sure how this band got signed, this is some of the most simplistic, slowed down and ultimately very boring thrash I have heard in quite some time. The drumming is pretty good, but outside of that the riffs are uninspired in both creation and performance, they sort of sound like some guy pulled out his riff cassette tape out of the closet that was recorded only for himself and decided to make an album out of it on short notice. The vocals are lame and limp, seems like they are caught between trying to decide if they wanted to be heavy metal vocals and/or commercially friendly vocals, there is an undertone of both, but both lack style or any real emotion, it just sounds like the vocalist is going through the motions to be honest. I do not think I have been this hard on an album in a while, might be getting soft in my old age, but screw it, this is a piece of shit guys, avoid this like it is going to spend all your drinking money and give you herpes to top it all off. I even find their logo and cover artwork to be dull and bland.
(Dale Roy)


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