Ancestors Blood 'When The Forest Calls' review

'When The Forest Calls'
(Heidens Hart)

ANCESTORS BLOOD hail from the mighty Finnish scene. Usually bands from Finland, whether it be black or death, is great music. Well, ANCESTORS BLOOD is no different. The band has crafted some very well played and epic,atmospheric black metal. The music is not all over the top atmosphere though as the musicians are influenced by the early 90's Norwegian/Swedish black metal bands. The guitars are done very well,the drums are played fairly fast with a few slower moments for both the band and listener to catch their breath. The vocals are harsh,black metal shrieks that will pierce your soul and destroy your eardrums with their intensity. Another instrument that impressed me was the keyboards - by now most bands who play atmospheric or epic style of black metal use them so it's no surprise, but ANCESTORS BLOOD has a done a great job intertwining them with the rest of the instruments to add a whole new layer to their sound. This is definitely one of my favorite releases I have heard from Heidens Hart and should not be missed by fans of epic,pagan black metal.


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