Deus Otiosus 'Murderer' review

(American Line Prod./FDA Rekotz)

After all these years of doing zines I still love getting and hearing new bands. And Denmark's Deus Otiosus is definitely one of the best old-school death metal bands I've come across in the last few months. I have pretty much become a picky old bastard with death metal in general (as much as I hate to admit it, that it's the truth) but
Deus Otiosus offers everything that got me hooked onto death metal in the first place. Heavy, uncompromising death metal at it's finest, no over-the top jazzy or technical guitar riffs with a million solos - instead sticking to the basic heavy straight forward guitar patterns of the elder death metal gods. The band does have some impressive structures and few solos thrown in a few of the songs, but nothing overly done like so many of today's bands. The drums are mid-range with some faster beats when it is needed but the band's strength definitely is in the more straight forward mid-paced song-writing. The vocals are deep and vicious growls that are a perfect match for Deus Otiosus' old-school style and approach. If you are an old-school maniac who misses the late 80's/early 90's when death metal was the law and nothing was better then definitely get 'Murderer' as this is sure to be a classic release.


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