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Guilty As Sin 'Psychotronic' CD giveaway!

GUILTY AS SINseemingly do things right. There must be something really cool about their new album, 'Psychotronic' to warrant them positive reviews both by me (read it here) and our contributor Dale Roy on his own Canadian Assault. Keep in mind that both of us would be mostly deemed being of the "not-easily-pleased" type of listeners/reviewers. Kudos to the band for releasing an impressive album.
Not only that but they are class guys as well.  Now we have 5 CDs of 'Psychotronic' to give away to our readers. Yes, five of you will win a free copy. 
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Guilty As Sin

Desaster 'The Arts Of Destruction' review

DESASTER 'The Arts Of Destruction' (High Roller Records) LP 
Violent, raw, and visceral black metal. From the very first track, the title track, 'The Arts of Destruction' is set to non-stop aggression and blazing speed, a furious blend of black metal and thrash, and while this combination is far from anything new, Desaster manage to make something fresh out of it. Despite the stance of raw aggression the band takes on this album, there are moments in the chaos of actual brilliance and, dare I say, catchiness, and these are more than just brief moments, but whole songs that stick in your head! Many of the riffs on here (notably “Lacerate with Hands of Doom”) are surprisingly hook-laden and mind-blowingly well-played for a black metal band that seemed, at first, to put unfiltered extremity as their number one priority. The band has found a real knack for balance, between brutal force and semi-melodic riffing, meaning that you still take the beating one would expect from a …

Midnight 'Satanic Royalty' review

MIDNIGHT 'Satanic Royalty' (Hells Headbangers)
This is (to some degree, at least - ED) a one man band and that one man should be known to anyone into the UG heavy / speed / thrash metal scene of the last decade or so. I am talking about Athenar (aka Jamie Walters) besides Midnight, he was also in Destructor and in the past was part of Boulder, Abdullah and more. Just listening to this album, it is painfully clear Jamie is one dedicated motherfucker and is a devout worshipper at the altar of metal. Despite 'Satanic Royalty' being the bands debut album, Midnight has been releasing demos, split EPs, EPs, and even a live album since 2003! This is some mean, dirty shit bro, I am telling you I have never tangibly smelt Canadian Whiskey, cigarettes, pot, leather and the crotch of bar sluts emanating from my speakers before, but there is a first time for everything. You get fast and angry speed metal with lots of energy and some large nods to the early works of bands like Piledri…

Thousand Year War 'Tyrants And Men' review

THOUSAND YEAR WAR 'Tyrants And Men' (Abyss Records)
Alaska's THOUSAND YEAR WAR have released a great release of heavy straight-forward death metal but there is also a lot of melodic over-tones to give the band a nice mix of straight-forward brutal death metal and melodic death metal. Fast, thunderous drumming patterns mixed with some intense outbursts of blasting rage. The guitars are heavy and thick sounding within their approach but there is also some well written complex riffs and solos. The vocals are powerful, deep growls and some blackened shrieks. THOUSAND YEAR WAR does have some darker, more melodic parts, but the band seems more comfortable and at home playing the heavier straight-forward death metal style. (Patrick) Thousand Year War

Saturnian Mist 'Gnostikoi Ha-Shaitan' review

SATURNIAN MIST 'Gnostikoi Ha-Shaitan' (Ahdistuksen Aihio Productions)
Finland's Saturnian Mist have created an interesting release with their newest release mixing black metal, industrial, and even some heavier progressive guitar riffs. All of the members of Saturnian Mist are good at their instruments and I give the band a lot of credit for trying to be original and creative (something that is lacking in music today) but in this case I think Saturnian Mist have bitten off more than they can chew. Maybe if they only combine two elements together like prog and black metal or black metal and industrial it might be more memorable. This might appeal to the newer fans of black metal but as for me I say pass. (Patrick)
Saturnian Mist

Sanguis Imperem 'In Glory We March Towards Our Doom' review

SANGUIS IMPEREM 'In Glory We March Towards Our Doom' (Invictus Productions / Hells Headbangers)
California's Sanguis Imperem have released one of the most violent, heaviest death metal releases to be released in some time. The band doesn't try to clone or follow any of the current musical trends out now. Instead the band follows their own path of destruction and has created some of the heaviest, violent sounding death metal: fast heavy guitar riffs that range from insane whirlwind riffs and solos to a more controlled heavy mid paced riffs. The drums are furious blasts of rage but slow down with the guitars that only add to the bands heaviness and intensity. The vocals are deep, sick growls and tormented shrieks of agony. Fans who enjoy early 90's style death metal with a touch of war-metal insanity will love Sanguis Imperem and their sick vision of death metal.
 (Patrick) Sanguis Imperem MySpace

Mortillery 'Murder Death Kill' review

MORTILLERY 'Murder Death Kill' (HPGD Productions)
Canadian thrashers Mortillery have finally released their debut album since forming in 2009, and man, is it something else. This is most definitely, without a single hint of doubt, the most authentic thrash throwback I’ve heard from a band formed after thrash metal’s heyday in the 80s. From the killer riffs, to the ripping solos, and maniacal vocals sung by one extremely talented woman, Mortillery easily dominates their competition with the raw and dynamic energy that was seen on the debut albums of Thrash’s Big Four in the 80s, and brings me right back to the time when I was first discovering these great thrash albums, and gives me the same excitement. One thing that really separates Mortillery from the rest of the crop is their vocalist, Cara. She often sings in a very clear, soaring vocal style comparable to Crystal Viper’s Marta Gabriel, but she also manages to belt out some hellishly violent screams, and some raw black metal-…

Blaze 'Blaze' review

'Blaze' (LP) (High Roller Records)
Hailing from Osaka, Japan, Blaze comes out with a debut album that is brimming with flash and style, showcasing a style that melds a 70’s hard rock/pre-metal style with that of early heavy music, but what good is flash if not accompanied by substance? Well, I’m pleased to inform you that Blaze has an abundance of substance on this self-titled debut in terms of musicianship, composition, and melody. As far as the band’s sound is concerned, there’s a strong Scorpions influence here in the clear, soaring vocal melodies in both the verses and choruses, which is shown excellently in the track “Answer,” as well as some very prevalent hard rock influences in the vein of Blue Oyster Cult and Deep Purple that just skirt the edge of the metal boundary line (see “Heart of Gold”). We also get a little early Judas Priest in some of the more driving rhythms found on the album. The songwriting and composition here is superb in capturing the spirit of thi…

The Vladimirs 'The Late Hours' review

THE VLADIMIRS 'The Late Hours' (Hells Headbangers) Well now, this is something different than what I have been getting to review lately. Not to mention something a little different for Hells Headbangers to release. We have before a horror themed punk rock band. You will immediately have to think of Misfits, Samhain and Danzig (to a lesser extent) when you hear this. Now this might be partly due to my shallow knowledge of the genre that I am not summoning up more influences to list. But those influences are prominent and I do not think the band could or would deny them. I mean the vocalist even sounds an awful lot like early Glenn Danzig. The song titles and lyrics draw me in right away being a huge horror movie hound. I mean there is even a horror movie name as one of their song titles with “City of The Living Dead”. You have got to love it or at least I do, at any rate. Everything is done in a pretty serious sounding way though and they try to capture the frightening terror of t…

Speedwolf 'Ride With Death' review

SPEEDWOLF 'Ride With Death' (Hells Headbangers)
This is some of the better Motorhead worship I have heard since the mighty Superchrist burst onto the scene like an artillery shell. Speedwolf seem to like the Motorhead stuff that has the most punk-y type elements to it and a little of that GBH/Amebix type of flavour. The song titles should give you a further feel of what you get such as “I am The Demon”, “Up All Night”, “Out on Bail”, and “I Can’t Die”. This is total beer swilling, chopper riding hard rock and metal party music. Nothing remotely ground breaking or bringing anything new to the table and yes it is full on retro. But I am full on retro myself and a classic sound is a classic sound for a reason. But it is also a fun ride and devotees of all things Lemmy Kilmister like will dig this. (Dale Roy) Speedwolf

'Classic rock n roll n heavy metal is as real as it gets' - Interview with Shaddy Elsaghir of Stinger

'Canadian metal, just obey...' - long before Fenriz' salute to the country's infamous metal legacy, Canada has already had its reputation sorted as fertile soil for producing some of the most awesome metal on the planet. Andrew Oliver believes that Calgary-based STINGER may be the next contenders to the throne and had a pleasant chat with band's founder, Shaddy Elsaghir.

First off, tell us about the history of the band. I’m aware that there have been various line-up changes as well as the release of your debut album. Tell us about it!
STINGER had its first few jams at a place I had in late 2010, one thing led to another and it became a lean mean metal machine. 'Manic Depressor' came out June 2011, we worked our ass off to get that album out there, and it was pretty successful.
In a time where generic Death core and various Nu Metal and Screamo bands are becoming more and more prevalent and popular in the metal scene, what keeps you steadfast in playing this gr…

Nuclear Torment '8 Bit Death' review

NUCLEAR TORMENT '8 Bit Death' (Self-released)
Making a definitive shift from their wild and sloppy (though promising) crossover influences on the band’s previous demos, Sweden’s video game-obsessed crossover Thrash three-piece, Nuclear Torment, has refined their music and moved toward a much more definitive thrash metal sound, which isn’t to say they still haven’t retained that old recklessness, rather, the band has skimmed the excess mess off the top of their barrel, bringing to light the promising technicality of their thrash influence which, before now, had been muddled by the overwhelmingly sloppy hardcore punk influence, which really, considering the high amount of promise the band displayed in the rawness of these early demos, wouldn’t be at all detrimental to their style and sound if Nuclear Torment didn’t sound so much better as a thrash metal band. Of course, this isn’t to say the band has dropped these influences completely. Far from it, in fact. Structurally, we can…

Plutonium 'Devilmentertainment Non-Stop' review

PLUTONIUM 'Devilmentertainment Non-Stop' (Self-released)
Bleak, claustrophobic and mind-strangling, J.Carlsson's PLUTONIUM is a band that shouldn't be taken lightly. For all I know, this might very well be the aural equivalent of wandering through the muted streets of some desolate, post-apocalyptic city, all while arguing with yourself whether to keep calm or submit to the call of lunacy. One really has to admire the atmosphere oozing from this release, an effect that numerous other bands desperately try but fail to achieve. Comparisons to both THORNS and DHG, at their creative best, are definitely in order but for once it's great to see someone taking the blueprint of those two and adding his own vision, integrity and musical skills that ultimately round off this album to sound as genuine as it does. This might be an awkward listen to some but personally I'm more than happy to have this release as proof that one can successfully radiate the sinister and menac…

Vore 'Gravehammer' review

'Gravehammer' (Self-released)
This was quite a surprise as I remember buying and hearing this band's debut demo 'Dead Kings Eyes' back in 1997. So it was great to see/hear the band still going strong. 'Gravehammer', VORE's fourth release, is simply amazing and flawless death metal. I would say the first thing that caught my attention was the band's sheer heavy guitar sound and pounding drums. The musicians never stray away from the mid-paced range, but VORE only prove you don't have to play a million miles per hour to be heavy and intense death metal. I am not sure why the band is still unsigned but this is another thing I wanted to mention as this is a quality band that plays what they love and want to, not what's popular. VORE are a band that will please all fans of heavy, pure death metal.  (Patrick)
(Update: AFM Recordsare re-issuing this death metal gem on 20th July 2012)
Vore (Check out our giveaway, more info HERE )

Haemoth 'In Nomine Odium' review

HAEMOTH 'In Nomine Odium' (Debemur Morti)
After six years of silence the French black metal horde return with 'In Nomine Odium'. The new release is an attack on all things good or peaceful in the world. Razor sharp guitar riffs that will send chills down your spine, combined with some violent blasting drumming intertwined with some of the harshest black metal vocals to be heard in a long time. Haemoth are the type of band that drew me to black metal in the first place with their uncompromising raw, vicious hate-filled approach to black metal. I would say only fans of early 90's pure, cold black metal will enjoy this sick masterpiece.  (Patrick)

Embalmed 'Exalt The Imperial Beast' review

EMBALMED 'Exalt The Imperial Beast' (Hells Headbangers)
Mexico's Embalmed are definitely right at home on the mighty Hells Headbangers roster.11 tracks of hyper-speed, unrelenting blackened death - non-stop blast beats, guitars that are played at inhuman speed. There are some thrash influence heard within the music of Embalmed but mainly the band goes for insanity and unrelenting old-school sound. Usually I love this style of violent, brutal metal but Embalmed just are mostly noise and at the end of the disc it is not that memorable or interesting. Only fans of non-stop blasting blackened death with very little else will enjoy this release. (Patrick)  Embalmed at Hells Headbangers

Dead 'Hardnaked...But Dead!' review

DEAD 'Hardnaked...But Dead!' (FDA Recotz)
Germany's Dead return with a new assault of sleazy,filthy old-school brutal death metal. I remember hearing this band's name through tape-traders, fan/web-zines etc. over the last 10 yrs or so, but sadly I never got any of their earlier releases (I'm kicking myself now after hearing their latest!). I was under the impression the band was more of a gore-grind style band but with 'Hardnaked...But Dead!' the band is full-on old-school death metal with a healthy dose of brutality. Dead is stripped down death metal inspired by such legends as Autopsy, Cianide know, bands who don't have to play a million notes and blasts a minute to prove they are brutal or heavy and they are definitely not the newer genre of death metal that plays the god-awful core or over-played technical style. Dead are not a copycat or blatant rip-off band, they play this style of metal for the sheer love and genuine support of this genr…

Ave Maria 'Chapter One' review

AVE MARIA 'Chapter One' (Ahdistuksen Aihio)
After listening to AveMaria's debut simply titled 'Chapter One' a few times I have to say this is one of the most impressive and well-written dark/black metal masterpieces I've heard in years. And another impressive fact is this is just the band's debut release! The music is played slower, almost black/doom to a more mid-paced black metal pace, the guitars have the harsh, screechy sound in parts but also there's a lot of really good solos and well played structures. The drumming is top notch while keeping up with the guitars and they never really go full on blasting, which is good 'cause I think Ave Maria have a great style and sound within the mid-paced realm (Although as mentioned earlier this is the band's debut, so who knows, the band might speed things up in the future). Ave Maria are not strictly black metal clones and add a little variety (ugh, usually a horrible word when describing black metal mu…

Hemoptysis 'Misanthropic Slaughter' review

HEMOPTYSIS 'Misanthropic Slaughter' (Self-released)
To be clear ,this release projects pure insanity with a clear production and killer sound,the vocals are fucking awesome with killer riffs as well ,the drumming is pure madness. Today the world of metal is filled with tons of horrible self-released albums, but this release is not the case (I'm glad to say that). This album is easily one of the best among the many bands of thrash revival, even the video 'Shadow of death' is a kick ass production. HEMOPTYSIS is ready to conquer, no doubt about it, they should be considered the most promising band in thrash metal, period!!!! (Paul Caravasi) Hemoptysis

Degradation 'Juggernaut' review

DEGRADATION 'Juggernaut' (Self-released)
When I saw the cover art of the CD I did not expect this great sound, what a surprise I had! Pure thrash metal directly to your face, pounding riffs and perfect drumming. I'm so glad Clawhammer sent me this amazing CD for a review, no low points on this release, just pure energy, fast tempos, raw vocals - to all the major labels: you have to support this great band with a bright future. Remember to look out for this band from Chicago, what a great release. RAW AGGRESSION AND A NEW LEVEL IN THRASH METAL !! (Paul Caravasi) Degradation

Maax 'Unholy Rock & Roll' review

MAAX 'Unholy Rock & Roll' (Abyss Records)
Well, here's my review of this insane and awesome band , which I can only describe as pure alcoholic heavy metal with black metal vocals and evil lyrics. No harmonies of perfect sound here, just true metal directly to your brain, this style is just perfect and I say it again - this album kick so much ass. It's like to hear the almighty MOTORHEAD but even louder and more evil. The difference of MAAX is the influences of punk along with rock and roll ,what a lethal combination! Another perfect release of Abyss Records, here's a perfect example that underground music is alive and well. Excellent band, I can't wait for the next album !!! (Paul Caravasi)  Maax MySpace