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Church Of Misery 'Minstrel Of Mourning' review

CHURCH OF MISERY 'Minstrel Of Mourning' (Razorback Recordings)
That things happen slowly, akin to the pace of the tunes played, is one of the most used jokes in the world of doom metal. Yet even by those standards the amount of time 'Minstrel Of Mourning' has taken to finally see the light of the day is mind-blowing, as documented by the extensive liner notes by both Stevo and Brett Fugate included in the album's booklet. Yes, Stevo - the monster best known and respected for his work in Impetigo, one of the most important and cult bands EVER in the underground history. Undeniably, there are some parts on these songs bearing resemblance to the classic that is Impetigo's 'Horror Of The Zombies', which could hardly be a surprise as both those albums have been written roughly at the same time, yet we're talking a different beast here. Stevo switched from bass to guitar, added the quite explanatory pseudonym "St. Vitus" to his name and alongsi…

Hellbringer 'Dominion Of Darkness' review

HELLBRINGER 'Dominion Of Darkness' (High Roller Records)
The release of Australia's Hellbringer debut full-length shall be the best news all month for those recalling the days when bands such as Sodom, Kreator, Possessed and Slayer ruled hard with an iron fist. Their self-titled EP from last year was already impressive, thus the interest was already piqued. Obviously the band were aware of this and 'Dominion Of Darkness' ups the ante and delivers in spades. Don't let the prevalent apathy rule you, neither be caught carried away with the false notion that "new" thrash bands are dime a dozen - at least not when Hellbringer comes into question. One listen to these nine songs would put all prejudices to the grave - the sound is immense (heard of Harris Johns?), the playing is tighter than a virgin's cunt and the songs are this catchy so your neck muscles are already filing a claim to sue the fuck out of you for severe damage inflicted. The 80s are lon…

Procession 'Death And Judgement' review

PROCESSION 'Death And Judgement' (Burn Records / High Roller Records)
Doom metal aficionados better act fast securing a copy of this 10" MLP for themselves, with Procession's ever growing (and rightfully so!) profile in the scene chances are slim the edition of 500 would be available long before the "sold out" sign is being hung by each and every label/distro carrying this.
There's news the band's new album, 'To Reap Heavens Apart', is gonna be recorded October/November and the title track is an advanced version of one of the six songs planned to appear on that one. "Death And Judgement", isn't a mere appetizer, make no mistake about it - the song is an eight minute long monument boldly proclaiming and justifying band's place as one of the most exciting heavy-weight doom acts in current existence. The writing, playing and singing are all stellar, which is only to be expected, as is the production but the real strength of the so…

Devil Ancestry 'At The Seat Of Evil Ecstasy' review

DEVIL ANCESTRY 'At The Seat Of Evil Ecstasy' (Abysmal Sounds)
Raw, low tuned and bass heavy, crudely unpleasant and bursting with malicious intentions - welcome to the world of Devil Ancestry. We've got only four tracks (just this side of 9 minutes total) to work with, which is a pity, but for those who don't fear indulging themselves to music seemingly originating from the bottomless pits of Hell this band very much would be one of the best discoveries of the year. The atmosphere achieved is seriously unsettling, these tunes simply reek of the primordial fears that are part of the human race's DNA since time immemorial and there's the ever-growing sense, whilst listening to them, of chaos completely taking over the last flickers of sanity - and usually I'm not one making bold exaggerations about bands and music nowadays, make of that what you will! Do you feel it for the likes of bands such as Demilich, Portal, Sadistik Exekution or even early Necromantia?…

Convent Guilt 'Convent Guilt' review

CONVENT GUILT 'Convent Guilt' (Abysmal Sounds)
I'd be the first to admit that at times my admiration for Australian metal becomes too much, which can be attested by those few pals of mine who still have the urge and patience to discuss bands and releases with yours truly. If I'd gotten a dime every time I've half-jokingly used the trademarked "They're OK, but they're not Aussies, either" phrase when a band comes into discussion then probably I'd have saved enough to afford attending the next "Evil Invaders Fest" and a jar of Vegemite, just to see what's all the buzz about. So, after that love confession of mine, it should come as no surprise I'm rating this four-song demo, even though Convent Guilt, style-wise, are a different kettle of fish compared to all the Oz bands I'm usually ranting about. In effect, this is old style heavy metal that just has the genuine charming spirit and delivery about it to rock your world for …

Gouge 'Doomed To Death' review

GOUGE 'Doomed To Death' (Hells Headbangers)
Gouge aren't fuckin' around and give you four rather short, yet ultimately to the point, songs that will most certainly grab you by the throat, cutting it wide open, all while a maniacal grin is dancing on your face, with your mind cheering on the thought that IT IS actually still possible for a new and previously unknown band to deliver the goods the way these Norwegians do. Kudos to them for succeeding to achieve that raw, manic, energy-boosting "band thrashing live in the flesh" vibe on 'Doomed To Death', which is made even more impressive by the fact that Gouge are only a two-piece band. This is some godly stuff - simple, catchy and genuinely Underground, with no pretensions or unnecessary pseudo-intellectual "revelations" as its main vehicle. Tell you what - I'm laying off listening to Terrorizer and Repulsion for couple of weeks, betting on this EP's nine minutes to give me the same ki…

Beast 'Thrash Metal Propaganda' review

BEAST 'Thrash Metal Propaganda' (Self-released)
Third release in three years for these Spaniards, that could only be a good sign for the level of dedication and hunger of expressing what is in their hearts. That's right, we are in for some thrash metal here, seemingly influenced by the more controlled late 80s US style rather than the much ruder Euro version one would possibly be tricked to expect based on the band's name and the title given to this EP. The band also talks about being influenced by death metal but I don't hear that in the tunes, as both the playing/singing and the production cements them into thrash territory, no matter if they're slowing down the pace for "Black Death", which is my particular fave of the bunch, or not. Apart from that cut and the closing melodic instrumental piece (an odd choice, isn't it guys?) the three remaining songs are US thrash proper, showcasing tight playing and a desire to offer a bit more (dynamics, g…

NunSlaughter / Abigail 'Fucking Satan' review

NUNSLAUGHTER / ABIGAIL 'Fucking Satan' Split EP (Hells Headbangers)
Two songs per band/side, picture disc, additional cardboard insert and loads of unhealthy metal fun for those who still remember that "Satan records the first note". "Back To Hell" and "God" by NunSlaughter will get your blood pumping and the head banging, helped by the really good production job given to them. The former song, with its simple, early Unleashed-like gallops, is a textbook example that you don't need to have about two hundred riffs and illogical tempo changes to create a good tune, while "God" is just a pure blast of hatred. Plus, it has a hilariously cool video, didn't you know? [8,5]

Abigail do offer 'Night Of The Reaper" and "Violent Force", two nasty cuts made complete with rawer and rough production and shrill vocals. Am I the only one thinking the music on the first one is the band's nod to Mayhem or what? Kinda unexpected …

NunSlaughter 'Cerebus' review

NUNSLAUGHTER 'Cerebus' (Hells Headbangers)
Call me coloured but Hells Headbangers are beyond cool. Just like NunSlaughter are, no matter if you're one of those being (oh, so!) clever, making "fun" off them on forum boards about the band's name, their gazillions of releases and the "retro metal" image. The tunes are good, period. Sorta thrashy, sorta deathy, sorta punkish and NEVER failing to sound convincing to these ears. It's all about the spirit and the passion - and the band has proven over the years they've got those and then some. The EP was originally released back in 2003 but you can't tell, both "Mother.Cunt.Whore" and the title track still rage on fearlessly, commanding the listener to wreck havoc and fuckshitup, all while dragging down the brew of his/her choice. Don't worry, Satan is giving a nod and taking a sip to this as well, so you know you're in a good company. For added joy this picture EP has also on …

Vesen 'This Time It's Personal' review

VESEN 'This Time It's Personal' (Soulseller Records)
Vesen play dirty and aggressive thrash metal, with black metal influences. At times the vocals sound like Satyricon and Meshuggah, but without losing the speed and anger required by the songs. Despite being primitive as fuck this is very well done, never boring for a moment and leaving you wanting to keep listening to this band. In these times it's hard to find bands to come out of the monotony and Vesen proves that there are still creativity and raw power in metal, the album title goes perfect with the band's style that's surprising and powerful. This band is capable of causing a brutal mosh pit, "Where The Children Go To Die" is the sickest song on the album, lyrically and musically - it's an order to check this band out soon! (Paul Caravasi)

Cianide 'The Dying Truth' review

CIANIDE 'The Dying Truth' (Deathgasm Records)
Originally released in 1992 Cianide's 'The Dying Truth' is a true classic in the realm of death metal and in underground metal in general. Deathgasm have done a great job with re-releasing this slab of death metal history. Not only do you get the release of 'The Dying Truth', but you also get as an added "bonus"the band's two demos, 1990's 'Funeral' and 'Second Life' from 1991. If you are not familiar with Cianide you should think about what genre you are a supposed fan of considering Cianide have been going strong (still releasing quality, heavy death metal today, check out the review of their latest here) but seriously if you've never heard Cianide they were one of the first bands to originate the heavy, mid-paced death metal sound that so many bands have tried to copy but very few have captured it quite to the perfection that Cianide has over the years. So if you missed thi…

Abazagorath 'Abazagorath' review

ABAZAGORATH 'Abazagorath' (No Visible Scars Records)
This is a band that should need no introduction to long-time blackened death metal fans. New Jersey's Abazagorath took the scene by storm in the mid 90s and have been holding their own against all the trends, bands, posers etc. that have come and gone. Here we are in 2012 and I am proud to say listening to their self-titled MiniCD the band has not lost their ability to write or play intense, cold and hateful, but also at the same time somewhat original blackened death metal which is not an easy task to do considering the thousands of bands that have flooded this genre over the last 2 decades. The EP starts with a somber, almost beautiful, sounding intro but the mood suddenly changes when the band switches to their trademark fast razor sharp guitars that are extremely fast yet flawless in their execution. The drumming is equally fast with blasting drums that are unrelenting and well-written. The vocals are hateful shrieks an…

Eye Of Solitude 'Sui Caedere' review

EYE OF SOLITUDE 'Sui Caedere' (Kaotoxin Records)
Eye Of Solitude second release 'Sui Caedere' is nothing short of brilliant and amazing, beautiful yet sorrow-filled and crushing death/doom. The band has a lot of influences and similarities to the early 90s death/doom masters such as Anathema, My Dying Bride (their 1st releases especially), Skepticism etc. without totally being a clone band. The heavy slow drums and crushing guitar chords are only made more heavy and even a little more depressive, if that's possible, with the deep growls which are both powerful but also have a certain despair and sadness within each lyric, which makes your heart wrench with each note and listen. But at the same the music and songs on 'Sui Caedere' are written so complex and masterful it is hard not to listen. Like most bands in this genre the bands uses keyboards but uses them in a good way to help "add" an extra layer of darkness and despair to their sorrowful sound…

Gorephilia 'Embodiment Of Death' review

GOREPHILIA 'Embodiment Of Death' (Dark Descent Records / Me Saco Un Ojo Records)
The musicians of Gorephilia know how to play pure heavy old-school death metal with no compromises or technical guitar soloing that seems to ruin the atmosphere or the death metal fury that most bands seemed to have in the 80s and 90s. I hear (older) Immolation influence in the guitar patterns/riffs here... Pounding, mid-paced beats that jump into hyper speed blasting and chaotic guitar riffs and solos that mix with the band's more aggressive side, while the vocals are deep death growls that fit this music perfectly. If you need a reminder on how death metal should sound then be sure to pick up a copy of 'Embodiment Of Death'  today! (Patrick) Gorephilia

Morbid Execution 'Vulgar Darkness' review

MORBID EXECUTION 'Vulgar Darkness' (Deathgasm Records)
I know very little about these Polish maniacs but I am sure with their self-titled debut this will change among the underground fans. At least those of us who still worship raw, dirty blackened death metal sounds of the early 90s. No melody, no atmosphere, no perfect production that is over-produced and sounds too clean. So what will you get from Morbid Execution's debut? Fast and sometimes catchy blackened death metal, that's what. The production as mentioned is pretty raw sounding which gives it that demo/rehearsal sound of the elder bands from the 80s (which I personally love, nothing beats a raw, hateful blackened death metal demo... ah, memories). Most of today's fans and music listeners will probably hate this, but if you are an old-school fanatic who remembers tape-trading, print-fanzines, snail mail, etc. you should definitely check out Morbid Execution's great debut. Highly recommended. (Patrick) Morbid…

Deiphago 'Satan Alpha Omega' review

DEIPHAGO 'Satan Alpha Omega' (Hells Headbangers)
The war machine known as Deiphago once again returns with their newest release of primitive, vicious blackened war metal mixed with noisy grinding guitars and blasting drums. The albumstarts off with a intro of air-raid sirens which is a perfect beginning to the attack that Deiphago has planned on 'Satan Alpha Omega'. Deiphago embrace the best qualities in the classic raw, primitive black metal scene (Sarcofago, Beherit, etc.) and mix them with noisy, raw thrashy guitars and blasting chaotic drums. Deiphago (like all of Hells Headbangers bands) hold the old-school values and sound close to their metallic heart. If you enjoyed the past releases of the band then check out 'Satan Alpha Omega' this will not disappoint you!! Or if you enjoy intense, raw, uncomprising blackened war metal that takes no prisoners then definitely be sure to check out Deiphago!! No other band does it better. (Patrick) Deiphago

Binah 'Hallucinating In Resurrecture' review

BINAH 'Hallucinating In Resurrecture' (Dark Descent Records / Me Saco Un Ojo Records)
Binah are from the UK and play a mixture of heavy slow to mid-paced death metal. In the current scene where a lot of bands seem to rely on speed or guttural style vocal effects to be "brutal" it's refreshing to hear a band that remembers what death metal should sound like, and where its roots lie. Raw, heavy guitars and bass, deep death metal growls that are extremely well done and fit perfectly with Binah's dark and heavy sound. I will admit the band does walk a fine line with some of their slower, heavier guitar parts giving the band sort of a death/doomish sound similar to the early 90's bands such as Skepticism, Thergothon and the similar bands, but I really won't label this band a doom band as their sound and heart lies within the old-school death metal - fans of early Grave,Benediction etc. will love Binah's heavy, dark death metal sounds. (Patrick)
Binah Face…