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New Rock Show on Generate Radio CIC

New Rock Show on Generate Radio CIC

With a year of broadcasting under their belt, which included being nominated for Radio Station of the Year at the Scottish Music Awards, Generate Radio is adding new shows all the time.
One of the latest is a new Rock Show that sits in the pre gig slot - 5 ‘til 7pm on a Saturday (UK time).
Show host Justin Hulford comments, “The plan is to bring a fresh lively mix into people’s homes. First there will be some classic artists but you can expect a few unusual tracks to appear as well as some of their favourites. Then we will be looking for some established bands that just don’t get big enough coverage. Add to that a big chunk of new music that has been carefully selected as well as a couple of real heavy numbers. I hope it will be a perfect mix to kick off Saturday night.”
The show is two hours and will have a range of regular slots that listeners can expect every week.
There will be a chance for bands to shine with Three Tracks in a row. Then the Lon…