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Introphylaxe Part Two

The hiatus is over. That's what is really important and that's what you, the readers, need to know. Dead Void Dreams was on ice for way too long, I know.And I regret that,but I was forced to make the then inevitable decision. Enough with things past. We're back. Yes,it is 'we' nowadays. With the stunning amount of promo materials I'm send I'm in need of contributors. Asen Asenov, a long-time friend of mine, was my obvious first choice. If anyone else feels the itch to join - please,contact me. I'd be more than happy to add people who share the same obsession as staff writers for this webzine. From now on I'll be updating Dead Void Dreams twice a month. Starting this June, on every first and fifteenth day of the given month I'll be uploading all the music and live reviews,interviews and various other articles that both me and Asen would have written to date. I feel that we would be able to find our pace by following such deadlines, instead of addin…