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Barge To Hell 2012: A Report by Remi Cote (part 2)

Part two of Remi Cote's report of this year's BARGE TO HELLMissed the first part? Check it out here
TEXT: Remi Cote  CORRECTIONS: Jacinte Pearsons  PHOTOS & VIDEOS: Jean-Philippe Beaulieu Back on the boat, with most of my orifices filled with white sand, I ran to catch my new buddy Andrew’s band on the pool deck: MONSTROSITY! I am ashamed to say I never had the chance to see them live and it was one of my priority on da boat to hell… disappointed I was not! Solid from start to finish, crushing in every possible ways. They are amazing musicians (you too Andrew! There you go, I said it!) and they should be a much bigger band in my opinion. If you have the chance to see them live, just go! I managed to catch a few songs from MORGOTH on the small stage at the Spectrum Lounge and they were killing it again… went for a quick shower and came back to see GRAVE, again, at the spectrum. Killer set and it was sounding great this time… this band is just fucking awesome, the new album is…

Barge To Hell 2012: A Report by Remi Cote (part 1)

Huge thanks to Remi for letting me use this report. I raise my glass in your honour - cheers!

TEXT: Remi Cote  CORRECTIONS: Jacinte Pearsons  PHOTOS & VIDEOS: Jean-Philippe Beaulieu


My name is Remi and I am a 43 years old metal fan from QC, Canada. I have been involved in the scene for close to 30 years, I did various labels, I still run PRC MUSIC ( – home of Negativa, Beyond Creation, Stalwart, Gorelust, amongst  few others) and I started a record store called PROFUSION in 2003 which I sold in late 2011... I live for this music. It is in my veins. I will try to give you an idea of the day to day life on the first BARGE TO HELL as a metal fan, not a journalist, which I am not and have no pretention to be. I actually have no idea how to really do this… I sell music and distribute music, that is what I do best, so please bear with me if my article is not up to par with anything you will read in TERRORIZER or DECIBEL!
Can’t actually say how and why but we fin…

Voidcleaning - reviews part 4

A day off work has become more of a rarity for me than stumbling upon a mint first press Yellow Goat vinyl that's sold for a dime. Today is one of those rare days and 'cause I'm not Nocturno Culto (obviously!) I wouldn't be going outside on a ski trip through the woods - I'd rather be watching the snowfall from the safety of my bedroom, while abusing millions cups of black coffee and millions packs of the beloved Viceroy cigarettes. That's right - it's review 'o clock here...

HIC IACET - 'Prophecy Of Doom' 7" (Hells Headbangers)
The label seems to dig these Spaniards, this 7" being the follow up to the HHR (vinyl) reissue of the band's debut demo, 'Hedonist Of The Death'. After listening to these two songs the pairing makes perfect sense - Hic Iacet certainly worship the old, non-technical and brutally raw ways of black and death metal - production and music-wise. This could be a two-edged sword for Hic Iacet though: metaller…

Children Of Technology 'Mayhemic Speed Anarchy' review

CHILDREN OF TECHNOLOGY 'Mayhemic Speed Anarchy' 7" (Hells Headbangers)
'It's Time To Face The Doomsday', the Italians debut outing for Hells Headbangers, was embraced with open arms by Dale, as can be attested by the positive review he gave them. COT's punk/metal mixture isn't exactly unique sounding, a thing that seemingly isn't bothering the band at all and they're still proudly wearing their influences on their collective sleeves on this 7". Rest assured the usual suspect influence of Broken Bones and English Dogs are here on the title song, but what I'm most reminded of, whilst listening, is The Exploited. Resemblances to that band's 'Death Before Dishonour' / 'The Massacre' era, both production and riff/solo-wise, are pretty obvious - and what about having "anarchy" in the lyrics? Competently played and energetic, for sure but I reckon I'd rather stick to the true and tried Wattie's gang - and hi…

Bestial Warlust 'Satan's Fist' review

BESTIAL WARLUST 'Satan's Fist' (Hells Headbangers / Invictus Productions)
Off the top of my head I could think of nearly 666 ways of approaching this release, and scribing the review. I can't highlight enough the impact Bestial Warlust's debut album 'Vengeance War 'Till Death' had on my teen psyche back in the day - this was a complete overloading experience - and still is to this day. Not only those Aussie bastards in no time replaced Blasphemy as my top pick in this particular genre, but they were also the first band that made me pay close attention to their native underground scene, a move that has resulted in experiencing some of the most awesome music those crusty ears have been subjected to - EVER. Fuck it, I would've even scanned and uploaded for you that absolutely atrocious "interview" I did with Bloodstorm  back in the day, only if I could find it - probably for the better: that would've been the ultimate proof for my lame "…

Forgotten Tomb '...And Don't Deliver Us From Evil' review

FORGOTTEN TOMB '…And Don’t Deliver Us From Evil' (Agonia Records)
“Kill my chances to survive”. Nothing more, nothing less from the Italian depressive blackers Forgotten Tomb and their amazing latest work '…And Don’t Deliver Us From Evil'. All seven songs reveal a depressive, suicidal, pessimistic and melancholic doomy and gothic atmosphere; in other words dark enough for an internal introspection. Forgotten Tomb do call us to fight our own demons, to explore our own inner soul and mind and finally to make a retrospect to our failures, celebrating the emptiness and vanity. However, the album has no intention to allow us forgiving ourselves for what we have done; it is rather a purgatory where everyone goes inside, but no one can leave from this Dante’s vicious cycle of hell.

Leaving aside the lyrical concept of the album and the feelings of vain wandering into the nothingness that it reveals, and from a technical point of view, Forgotten Tomb gives us one major album, perh…

Ragnarok 'Malediction' review

RAGNAROK 'Malediction' (Agonia Records)
Many bands emerged during the ‘90s following the Norwegian black metal genre. However, only few of them are still active and / or  faithful to this style nowadays. One of these bands is Ragnarok, introducing us their seventh full-length violent album 'Malediction'. Unleash the blasphemous beast: fast and attacking guitar riffs, stormy and merciless drums, brutal bass and classic black metal vocals compose the map of this album. The highlight of the album could be the melodic guitar intro on "Dystocratic", making a nice change from the other songs. HansFyrtse and his team from Sarpsborg, Norway offer 45 minutes of blasting music, leaving the listener with feelings of hate and anger against humanity and Christianity. Aggressive and evil, the lyrical content of the ten songs deals with a variety of themes: from the Vikings attack on Lindisfarne Monastery in 793 which set aside the Christian religion, to one’s inner demons and…

Bloody Hammers 'Bloody Hammers' review

BLOODY HAMMERS 'Bloody Hammers' (Soulseller Records)
Guessing from the artwork of this album, one is sure what he is going to hear: old school psychedelic occult stoner/doom metal. Indeed, this is the musical concept on the first full-length self-titled album of Bloody Hammers from North Carolina. The name of the band derives from the Roky Erickson’s song "Bloody Hammer" found on his album 'The Evil One' from 1981. Some of the band’s influences are Alice Cooper, Pentagram, Black Sabbath, Danzig and Nick Cave, which can be easily understood even from the first song, as well as from the brilliant "Fear No Evil", the hypnotic "Say Goodbye to the Sun" and the astonishing ‘Don’t Breath a Word’.  'Bloody Hammers' is chock full of powerful horror dark hard rock / heavy metal, with groovy and melodic sound, catchy riffs and clean vocals. Concrete sound, instrumental balance and excellent performance characterize all ten songs of the album. One…

Acrimonious 'Sunyata' review

ACRIMONIOUS 'Sunyata' (Agonia Records)
Imposing and raw old school black metal blended with melodic riffs from the Greek band Acrimonious and its second work called 'Sunyata', which was released just few days ago from their current label Agonia Records. Faithful to their initial motive, the first song "Nexus Aosoth" offers us a journey to an eerie world with its supernal sound. But that was only the beginning… The rest of the album can be simply characterized as "pure evil": blasting drums by C. Docre, well-played bass, which is exactly on the songs’ rhythm, fast tempo repetitive guitar riffs that give room for melodic solos from Semjaza 218 and Letifer, excellent vocals from ar-Ra’d al-Iblis and Letifer, varying between growls, low screams, spoken words and whispers. The use of an ecclesiastic choir at the end of “Adharma” further enhances the occultism of the album and overall ‘Sunyata’ offers us a ritualistic, cold and real black sound, touching so…

Blutmond 'The Revolution Is Dead!' review

BLUTMOND 'The Revolution Is Dead!' (Code 666)
Right off the bat the Swiss black avant-gardists Blutmond pique your interest with an ingenious and imaginative newspaper-style info sheet that accompanies the release of their third full-length album, not to mention the provocative artwork created by 10XIXt. Musically, this is quite provocative too - Marc’s romantic saxophone is beautifully blended with the aggressive vocals of both John and Jerry, Dave’s tight drums and Sin-Marlon’s melodic guitar riffs. Blutmond experiments with their sound and give us a weird album, where emotion, hate and anger are carefully and successfully mixed together. Unconventional and non-traditional, the sound of Blutmond gives a new meaning to the concept of avant-garde black metal, borrowing features from post-rock, electronic, jazz, progressive and black scene. The ‘punky’ vocals aim directly at your face, when the guitars and the keyboards try in some parts to calm down the listener, who constantly fe…

Giveaway: Win 4 CDs from Orchestrated Misery Recordings / Clawhammer PR

GIVEAWAYI love the guys over at Clawhammer PR.

You should love them too, as this is yet another giveaway run by those top cats - and yet another chance for you to win a hefty stack of awesome albums.

Up for the grabs is 4 CDs pack featuring each and every album released to date by Orchestrated Misery Recordings, the label run by Indiana's own underground legend Peter Clemens.   Check out the label's site at thislocation.

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Wallachia 'Shunya' review

WALLACHIA 'Shunya' (Debemur Morti Productions)
Difficult to be categorized, pleasure to hear it. This is the third album from the Norwegian band Wallachia. 'Shunya' varies from symphonic black to death, full of melody and melancholy. The first song of the album "Dual Nothingness" is an excellent blend of old school Norwegian black metal, with blasting drums and melodic guitars, mixed with symphonic elements and a touch of spacey and electronic sounds. Abandonment, lament and emptiness are the lyrical themes of this song, which calls the listener to follow to a journey to a world where nothing belongs to no one: “…spiritually homeless…” . "Gloria in Excelsis Ego" follows the same path as the first song, but it has more melodic guitar parts and more progressive sound. The line “…the bitterness is yours all alone…” - I think that summarizes the whole lyrical concept of the song, which refers to the malevolence and arrogance of people. "Ksatriya"…

Crowned 'Vacuous Spectral Silence' review

CROWNED 'Vacuous Spectral Silence' (Seance Records)
Excellent black metal for Crowned from Queensland, Australia. The debut album of the band is characterized by Burzum-style monotonous guitars, steady drums, heavy bass and amazing growling vocals reminiscent of the Norwegian black vocals of the ‘90s, mixed with some clean vocals that give something more to the sound of the Australian band. Sometimes melodic and other times more aggressive, Crowned touches the limits of atmospheric black metal, although sometimes they are close to be regarded as cliché. Despite the length of the songs, the album has a coherent concept, while it manages to capture the feelings, the emotions and the mind of the listener in an almost hypnotic way, without being boring.  The whole album reveals exactly what its title says: a void spectral silence. Depression, coldness, grief, frustration and emptiness are the feelings that one has after listening to 'Vacuous Spectral Silence'. In fact it reall…