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Melencolia Estatica 'Hel' review

MELENCOLIA ESTATICA 'Hel' (Temple Of Torturous)
Ambient black metal hailing out of Italy and is the vision of Climaxia (now there is a name, heh), whose vision is Melencolia Estatica, she handles the overall concept, guitar, bass, and “vocal orchestrations”. I guess that last bit means she plans out and coaches the vocalists every move and emanation? Speaking of which the vocals, they are really often more of the dark death metal variety, set to sometimes ambient and other times noisy harsh aggression. Something about the music does not flow for me, maybe that is the way it was intended to be, but often the guitar patterns and tones are just grating rather than atmospheric, the different instrument sounds seem to clash again at times and step upon one another’s toes. For me, rather than finding that harsh and extreme, it just came off grating and annoying, sort of headache inducing. I do not so much mind headache inducing music, as long as the music pays off and is awesome in it’…

Nepente 'Suffering Is The Seed' review

NEPENTE 'Suffering Is The Seed' (Sonic Blast Media)
South America has always had been known for its aggressive, violent metal and Colombia's Nepente carries that tradition on nicely with 'Suffering Is The Seed'. In fact I would say the band raise the brutal bar just a little bit with this album with insanely fast (you have to hear ‘em to believe them) blast beats mixed with chaotic, uncompromising guitar riffs that rarely slow down. The guitars are a little thicker giving them a death metal feel and sound. After listening to the vocalist I'm surprised his vocal chords are not completely destroyed after the recording sessions for this album, as they are some of the most intense, sick shrieks/screams I have heard in quite some time, but there is also a Glen Benton death metal growl mixed in on some of the songs and both vocal styles fit Nepente's uncompromising war metal style nicely.  (Patrick)
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NervoChaos ' To The Death' review

NERVOCHAOS 'To The Death' (Greyhaze Records)
I remember hearing this Brazilian band 2006 release 'Quarrel In Hell' through Ibex Moon Records, but since then I lost track with the band's activities. It's great to see the band has been carrying on and keeping active in the underground scene with releases and looking at their bio, the band has played quite a few shows with some great underground death and black metal acts. 'To The Death' is NervoChaos’ fifth release and is thirteen tracks of pure well played, aggressive death metal. Unrelenting fast drums with some mid-paced passages before the pace is picked back up. The guitar riffs are intense and heavy with some solos thrown in the mix to keep the listeners attention while the musicians pound your eardrums and senses with the heaviness of the music. The vocals are done pretty original sounding with brutal, angry death growls and some gruff/screams. Fans of past NervoChaos releases should enjoy this or if …

Nominon 'The Cleansing' review

NOMINON 'The Cleansing' (Deathgasm Records)
Nominon return with their newest and, possibly, best release to date. 'The Cleansing' consists of ten tracks of crushing old school brutal death metal as only the mighty Swedish can do it. You get heavy guitars that are as complex as they are heavy and fast. The drumming is right on with the guitars playing at chaotic, fast speeds but also manages to pull off some really good patterns. This is another great release for both Nominon and Deathgasm, so if you’re a fan of fast, brutal old school Swedish death metal you know what to do.

Bane 'The Acausal Fire' review

BANE  'The Acausal Fire' (Abyss Records)
Bane is a band I have known about and followed for a few years now, so it's great to see they are on such a respected label like Abyss. For those of you unfamiliar with Bane - the band comes out of Serbia's underground scene and 'The Acausal Fire' is their second CD (the debut 'Chaos, Darkness And Emptiness' was released in 2009). 'The Acausal Fire' is ten tracks of melodic, yet semi brutal and aggressive blackened death metal, the guitars and drums are extremely fast and done to perfection, guitars have the thin black metal sound but also use some nicely done solos not usually heard in this style of metal. The drums are non-stop but played with a lot of precision and well-written patterns that fit perfectly with the rest of the music. The band does some keyboards but before you condemn the band too harshly they know how to meld the keyboards with the rest of the instruments for a fuller sound and the keys a…

Daemonicus 'Deadwork' review

DAEMONICUS 'Deadwork' (Abyss Records)
Dan (owner of Abyss Rec.)definitely has great taste when it comes to signing top quality Swedishblackened death metal. This time he has unleashed Daemonicus upon the underground maniacs.'Deadwork' is the band's second album and easily one of 2012's best death metal releases (We're way beyond the schedule, I know - ED).Uncompromising death metal fast, chaotic guitars, pummelling drums that go from mid- to blasting beats. The vocals are a nice mix of brutal death growls and more raw screams. Daemonicus will definitely impress the die-hard fanatics traditional Swedish death metal. (Patrick) 
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Erupted 'In The Grip Of Chaos' review

ERUPTED 'In The Grip Of Chaos' (Abyss Records)
Erupted are a new band that hail from the mighty Swedish underground but before you write them off as just another clone band or wanna-be give them a chance. The band obviously as mentioned is influenced by the early '90s Swerige-gods but I also hear some U.S. influences from the legendary Autopsy and Cianide and similar style bands. You should get the metal picture by now. Erupted don't waste time - they like their metal raw, dirty and straight to the point, with mid-paced guitars and drums. The band are not all clones as they have a lot of good ideas within the music and keep it interesting. After listening to 'In The Grip Of Chaos' it's hard to believe this is the band's debut so I for one am really interested to hear and see where this band goes in the future, but for now everyone who is into old-school Swedish and U.S.-style death metal go to the Abyss Rec. web-store and buy this metal gem now!!!  (Patrick…

Spektr 'Cypher' review

SPEKTR 'Cypher' (Agonia Records)
Spektr have created a very interesting but also kind of disturbing and morbid sounding releaseat the same time. The french band mixes elements of experimental black, industrial and even ambient music.There are some fast, chaotic guitar riffs blended with industrial noises and sounds that creates a very harsh sound but at the same time the band blends all these elements together for a really good outcome. The band mixes in some aggressive metal with heavier industrialized soundscapes throughout the entire album. It's hard to pick one favourite song as all the songs are really well done and blend together and it's better if you listen to 'Cypher' from start to finish. Spektr is definitely not a band for everyone to enjoy but if you are a fan of industrialized, experimental black metal with some melodic ambient interludes, then you might enjoy listening to Spektr's vision known as 'Cypher'. (Patrick)

Hallig '13 Keys To Lunacy' review

HALLIG '13 Keys To Lunacy' (Folter Records)

After listening to Hallig's debut '13 Keys To Lunacy' a few times one word comes to mind to describe this bands musical writing: brilliant. Musicially Hallig is rooted in fast yet atmospheric black metal. Guitar riffs are fast and full of fury with alot of melodies and the guitarists also know how to blend the melodies with some slower epic and acoustic guitar patterns. The vocals are a nice blend of raging demonic blackened shrieks and deep clean male vocal patterns that fit the acoustic parts perfectly. If you enjoy atmospheric black metal that isn't afraid to mix in both raging, violent black metal with the more melodic side of epic, atmospheric side of the style, then definitely check out Hallig today as they have done a great job on their debut release. (Patrick)
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Gruesome Stuff Relish 'Sempiternal Death Grind' review

GRUESOME STUFF RELISH 'Sempiternal Death Grind' (FDA Rekotz)
Spain's Gruesome Stuff Relish return with their third release of sick gore death grinding metal for the underground maniacs. The band mixes in old-school sounding Entombed ('Left Hand Path') and Dismember ('Like An Ever Flowing Stream') raw, fast guitars and chaotic drums with some Carcass influence. The band members are not all stuck in the past just rehashing out the same old music of the gods of the past as there are some really good, heavy guitars and drum patterns as well as vocals which use some vocal effects in parts for a cool and original effect. If you enjoy brutal, sick death metal with some grind influences Gruesome Stuff Relish is a band worth checking out for yourself. (Patrick) 
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Enshadowed 'Magic Chaos Psychedelia' review

ENSHADOWED 'Magic Chaos Psychedelia' (Pulverised Records) Greece has always had a very impressive scene for producing quality black metal bands and Enshadowed can be added to that list. After a nine year silence the band returns to take their place among Greece's most extreme, yet complex musicians you will ever hear in the black metal scene. Intense, fast black metal guitar riffs with some solos, pummelling drums that have a few slower parts before picking up the pace and pummel the listener again.The vocals are black metal shrieks with some deeper vocals used in some of the songs. Fans of fast, intense black metal should definitely check out Enshadowed soon. (Patrick)
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Skineater 'Dermal Harvest' review

SKINEATER 'Dermal Harvest' (Pulverised Records)
'Dermal Harvest' is the debut from Sweden's Skineater. Skineater play straight forward death metal but instead of rehashing out the old-school Swedish sound (which is probably my favourite style of death metal ever) the band plays a more modern death metal approach. Skineater mix brutal death metal but also have a lot of melody within their brutality. Skillful guitar riffs and solos mixed with precise yet powerful heavy drumming. Vocals are sick raw screams and growls combined with the music for a complex,yet brutal and vicious ride of pure of death metal. (Patrick)
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Ulcer 'Grant Us Death' review

ULCER 'Grant Us Death' (Pulverised Records)
I have to be completely honest - I was not really expecting to like this at all. With the band and album title I guess I was expecting some over the top gore-grind band or second rate Autopsy clone. But that's not the case with these uncompromising old-school maniacs from Poland. Ulcer draws influence from Swedish gods such as Entombed ('Left Hand Path' era), Dismember ('Like An Ever Flowing Stream' and the demo days) and other classick gods of the Swedish scene. Heavy, blasting drums, fast intense guitars with some really crazy riffs and solos throughout. Angry screams mixed with deep death growls fit perfectly with Ulcer's insane old-school brutal death metal sound.Ulcer has just released one of the best old-school death metal CDs of the year (I know the year just started but it's gonna be hard to top this masterpiece of sickness). (Patrick) 
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