Erupted 'In The Grip Of Chaos' review

'In The Grip Of Chaos'
(Abyss Records)

Erupted are a new band that hail from the mighty Swedish underground but before you write them off as just another clone band or wanna-be give them a chance. The band obviously as mentioned is influenced by the early '90s Swerige-gods but I also hear some U.S. influences from the legendary Autopsy and Cianide and similar style bands. You should get the metal picture by now. Erupted don't waste time - they like their metal raw, dirty and straight to the point, with mid-paced guitars and drums. The band are not all clones as they have a lot of good ideas within the music and keep it interesting. After listening to 'In The Grip Of Chaos' it's hard to believe this is the band's debut so I for one am really interested to hear and see where this band goes in the future, but for now everyone who is into old-school Swedish and U.S.-style death metal go to the Abyss Rec. web-store and buy this metal gem now!!! 


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