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Reviews : Ibex Moon

GRAVEHILL  ‘Rites of the Pentagram / Metal of Death’  (Ibex Moon Records)

Bullet belts, whisky bottles, spiked armbands, old school death metal and thrashing madness aplenty. How could one not love that? Well, don’t ask me that question since I really dig this band’s music and couldn’t care less for those unfortunate wimps who’d prefer their metal clean, nice sounding, sterile and devoid of hellishly unclean fun. Yep, I said ‘fun’ in a death metal review, get used to it. Gravehill sound as if they have been put to hibernation in the late ‘80’s/early 90’s and awaken now, going straight to the jugular, like the barbaric entity they really are. Ugly, gritty, powerful and genuinely dedicated to the metal of death, this is a real die hard’s delight that shouldn’t be missed. Matt Harvey has joined Gravehill recently, now that’s good news for the fans, and a good prediction for the next full-length of the band.   Gravehill Myspace

CALIBER 666 ‘Blood Fueled Chaos’  (Ibex Moon Records)

These guys hav…


VEX ‘Thanatopsis’ (HPGD Productions)
These Texans have great understanding how to inject bleak atmosphere to their music, making an album well worth attention. I like it especially when the band sounds like they’re kind of stepping back, detaching themselves from the motion, letting the listener to wander through landscapes of total desolation. And then Vex charge once again with aggressive but still melodic assault of Swedish tinged black/death, along with some thrashy parts added for a good measure. Plus there are some amazing guitar solos enriching these songs, rounding off the impression that nothing has been left to chance in the creation of this slab. This album took them years in the making but I’d bet that now, when finally released, the band must be proud of the accomplishment, and rightfully so.   Vex Myspace

SARGEIST ‘Let the Devil In’  (Moribund Records)
With bands like Sargeist it’s a typical example of love it or leave it, these Finns have always been guardians of the orthodox…


ORCIVUS  ‘Consummatum Est'  (Next Horizon Records)

Genuine dedication to darkness’ consuming void, both lyrically and musically, designed to crush all weak souls is the code word for this album. Yeah, humanity has been blindfolded, fed with garbage like pigs for slaughter and perfectly happy receiving such treatment. I can’t explain otherwise why Orcivus isn’t continuously mentioned in the same breath as the other top-shelf Swedish black metallers – this is seriously that good, or should I say evil? Frenetic, masterfully composed and played, this stuff radiates a true aura of bleak hopelessness and despair, listening upon listening unveiling its little intricacies, thus adding a deep feeling of negative emotion to the already impressive initial impact. Never boring for a second, these eight songs are built to last – unrelenting, memorable and Hell-fueled insanity that steals your soul and delivers its pity remains at the gate of no return. A textbook example of Swedish blackness – al…